Dr Géraldine Bouveret | Research Associate | Sustainable Finance Programme

Dr Géraldine Bouveret is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Sustainable Finance Programme at the Oxford Smith School. She specialises in Risk Modelling, Asset Pricing and Stochastic Analysis. Prior to joining the Sustainable Finance Programme, Dr Bouveret submitted her PhD in Mathematics at Imperial College London. The thesis aimed at developing the mathematical theory together with numerical methods for a model of portfolio optimization under a solvency constraint prevailing either at each deterministic time (valuation date) or continuously in time with a given probability. She also holds a Master Degree in Finance from ESSEC Business School and a Master Degree in Mathematics from Université Paris Dauphine and ENSAE ParisTech. Alongside her academic credentials Dr Bouveret has also built a sound professional experience of several years, cumulated in both the investment banking and insurance sectors, during which she has successfully conducted various research projects in Financial Economics and Risk Modelling.

Géraldine Bouveret

Dr Ben Caldecott | Director | Sustainable Finance Programme

Dr Ben Caldecott is the founding Director of the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme at the University of Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. The Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme is a multidisciplinary research centre working to be the world's best place for research and teaching on sustainable finance and investment. He is concurrently an Adviser to The Prince of Wales's Accounting for Sustainability Project, an Academic Visitor at the Bank of England, and a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University. Ben specialises in environment, energy, and sustainability issues and works at the intersection between finance, government, civil society, and academe, having held senior roles in each domain.

Ben Caldecott

Dr Gerard Dericks | Research Fellow | Sustainable Finance Programme

Dr Gerard Dericks is a postdoctoral research fellow with the Sustainable Finance Programme. Prior to joining the Smith School he was an analyst at Property Market Analysis LLP and research consultant for Policy Exchange in London. His current research projects include the creation of a platform for trading environmental services and power sector transformation.
He holds a PhD and MSc from the London School of Economics and a BA from Ritsumeikan University.
Gerard Dericks

Dr Dustin Evan Garrick | Departmental Research Lecturer in Environmental Management

Dr Dustin Evan Garrick is a Departmental lecturer and Senior Research Fellow; Co-Director, Smith School Water Programme and Co-Convener, Oxford Water Network. His work focusses at the interface of water and the economy, specializing in political economy and institutional analysis of water allocation reform and water markets as responses to climate change, urbanization and sustainable development challenges.

Dustin Garrick

Prof Robert Hahn | Professor of Environmental Economics

Robert Hahn is Director of Economics and a Professor at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford. He is also an associate at Nuffield College, a senior fellow at the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy, and a Robert Schuman Fellow at the European University Institute. From 1999 to 2008, Professor Hahn served as the director of the AEI-Brookings Joint Center, a leader in policy research in law and economics, regulation, and antitrust. Previously, he worked for the U.S. President's Council of Economic Advisers, where he helped design the market-based cap-and-trade system for limiting smokestack sulfur emissions at minimum cost to industry.
Robert Hahn

Prof Dieter Helm, CBE | Professorial Research Fellow

Prof Dieter Helm is a Professorial Research Fellow at the Smith School, Fellow in Economics, New College and Professor of Energy Policy, University of Oxford. Dieter holds a number of advisory board appointments in Britain and Europe. Current appointments include: Independent Chair of the Natural Capital Committee, and member of the Economics Advisory Group to the UK Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change. During 2011, Dieter assisted the European Commission in preparing the Energy Roadmap 2050, serving both as a special advisor to the European Commissioner for Energy and as Chairman of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on the Roadmap. He also assisted the Polish government in their presidency of the European Union Council.
Dieter Helm

Prof Cameron Hepburn | Professor of Environmental Economics

Cameron Hepburn is an expert in environmental, resource and energy economics. He is a Professor of Environmental Economics at the Smith School and at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School, and is also Professorial Research Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics and a Fellow at New College, Oxford. He is involved in policy formation, including as a member of the DECC Secretary of State’s Economics Advisory Group. He has also had an entrepreneurial career, co-founding two successful businesses and investing in several other start-ups.

Cameron Hepburn

Dr Rob Hope | Director | Water Programme

Dr Rob Hope is an Associate Professor at the School of Geography and the Environment and Director of the Water Programme at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. He is a development economist with expertise in water economics and development policy. His work applies economic theory and techniques in the measurement, design and evaluation of policies and interventions which promote improved environmental and social outcomes. This includes theoretical advances in behavioural economics and social choice theory, methodological progress in interdisciplinary water research, and leadership in establishing Oxford's cross-department research group working on 'Smart Water Systems'.
Rob Hope

Dr Paul Jepson | Senior Research Fellow

Paul Jepson is a Senior Research Fellow at the Smith School and course director of the MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. He previously directed the MSc in Nature Society and Environmental Policy (2007-2013) and prior to these appointments, he held Senior Research Fellowships with the Environmental Change Institute and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Said Business School. Paul transferred into academia from a successful career in conservation management and policy. He has consulted for a wide range of inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations and was Indonesia Programme Coordinator for BirdLife International (1991-1997).

Paul Jepson

Johanna Koehler | Researcher | Water Programme

Johanna Koehler is a researcher in the Water Programme and in the cross-faculty Oxford University "mobile/water for development" research group. Combining her social science and water science backgrounds, her work examines institutional developments in rural water services in sub-Saharan Africa. Her work focusses on water security and risk in areas of competition over limited water resources. Johanna’s DPhil research at the School of Geography and the Environment (University of Oxford) examines decentralisation and development, implications for water security and poverty in Kenya.

Johanna Koehler

Dr François Lafond | Post-doctoral Researcher

François is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School and at the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment. He received his PhD from UNU-MERIT / Maastricht University in October 2014. His main areas of research are the economics of innovation, environmental economics, networks and complex systems, applied econometrics and forecasting.

François Lafond

Duncan MacDonald-Korth | Research Associate | Sustainable Finance Programme

Duncan MacDonald-Korth is a doctoral researcher studying opacity and technology in global finance. For his DPhil he is researching the importance of opacity in the financial sector through a series of case studies from different parts of the industry. A core focus of his work considers whether emergent financial technologies are reinforcing or mitigating the uneven social networks which pervade the financial system. In doing so, he hopes to the highlight the unseen social connections created by financial products and examine the extent to which opacity, broadly conceived, is critical to the functioning of a market economy. Prior to his doctoral research at Oxford, he spent time working in equity research at Morgan Stanley and bond trading at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Duncan MacDonald-Korth

Dr Caitlin McElroy | Departmental Research Lecturer, Enterprise and the Environment and Programme Director, Executive Education

Dr Caitlin McElroy is a Departmental Research Lecturer at the Smith School. She holds a BA (with Honours) from the University of Pennsylvania in History and Environmental Studies (2006), an MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy (with Distinction) from the University of Oxford (2007), and a DPhil from the University of Oxford (2012). A Clarendon Scholarship supported the DPhil. The focus of her research has revolved around the interactions between the mining industry, environment, and development. Most recently, the economic geography DPhil thesis addressed the institutional challenges to private sector involvement in development through an investigation of the use of corporate foundations in the mining industry. This research involved fieldwork with major mining firms in South Africa, Namibia, and Chile as well as interviews at corporate headquarters in London.

Caitlin McElroy

Dr Sarah McGill | Research Associate

Dr Sarah McGill is a Research Associate at the Smith School, where she directs research projects and co-authors publications primarily in the sustainable finance and impact investing stream. She also undertakes her own research across the sustainable finance and environmental management streams and is currently building a programme on financing for sustainable water and waste management infrastructure. Dr McGill completed her DPhil (PhD) at the Smith School in November 2014. Her doctoral research was concerned with a number of issues surrounding the economic governance of mineral resource scarcity, for which she conducted fieldwork in Morocco’s state-owned phosphate mining and fertilizer industry.

Dr Sarah McGill

Dr Alex Money | Programme Director

Alex Money is a research and teaching fellow at the University of Oxford. A former fund manager, he has over 15 years of practitioner experience in investment and industry. Alex is a programme director at Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, where his research interests include corporate water strategy, infrastructure, investment, renewables and development. He focuses on the opportunities for empirical research to bridge knowledge gaps between academia and industry. Alex also teaches on Oxford’s undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA programmes, and is the director of a technology company that is backed by the University’s seed fund.
Patrick McSharry

Dr Kim Schumacher | Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Sustainable Finance Programme

Dr Schumacher is a Research Associate at the Sustainable Finance Programme at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. His research interests focus on Climate Change Law and Policy, Sustainable Energy Transition, Clean Energy Technology Development and Environmental Regulatory Procedures. Prior to joining the Sustainable Finance Progamme, Kim was a research fellow at Harvard University and a visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge. At the Smith School he is part of the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative, which aims at identifying the potential legal obligations and liabilities of company directors arising out of climate change-related risks.

He holds a PhD Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Tokyo (2017). He received an LL.M degree from UC Berkeley (2012) and dual-Master degree from the University of Warwick and the University of Lille II (2011). He also holds MA and BA degrees from the latter (2010, 2009).

Kim Schumacher

Dr Susann Stritzke | Research Associate in Renewable Energy

Dr Susann Stritzke is a Research Associate in renewable energy at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment where she is focused on studying the impact of solar energy initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. Susann holds a Masters Degree in Political Science, Psychology and Law from the Technical University Dresden which has been complemented by studies at the Graduate Faculty of the New School University in New York. For her PhD in Political Science Susann performed an indepth analysis of parliamentary performance in Zambia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to her engagement, Susann has gained profound professional experience as an International Account Manager for the Technology Sector at a global corporation. She is also managing solar and hydro energy projects in South Africa. and Zambia. for established and start-up renewable energy companies.

Dr Susann Stritzke

Dr Alex Teytelboym | Otto Poon Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Alex is a Reserch Fellow at the Smith School and at the Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET), University of Oxford. He is an economist who is interested in market design as well as social and economic networks. He looks at how best to run complex auctions and how networks shape the diffusion of innovations. Moreover, he works on climate change policy. Before coming to the Smith School and INET, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Laboratory for Information and Decision System at M.I.T. He received a B.Sc. in Economics (2008) from the L.S.E. and M.Phil. (2010) and D.Phil. in Economics (2013) from the University of Oxford.

Alex Teytelboym

Patrick Thomson | Lead Researcher | Water Programme

Patrick Thomson is Lead Researcher for the Smith School's Water Programme. Patrick developed the first 'Smart Handpump' and leads the continuing technical evolution and operational implementation of the Smart Handpumps research. The research is funded by UK Research Councils (ESRC and NERC) as well as DFID and UNICEF. Patrick graduated from an MSc in Water Science, Policy & Management from the University of Oxford in 2011. He is a Chartered Engineer with an MEng in Engineering, Economics & Management from the University of Oxford. He also teaches on the Water Science, Policy and Management MSc.

Patrick Thompson

Laura Turley | Researcher | Water Programme

Laura Turley's research interests lie in the operation of institutions and infrastructure in the context of freshwater scarcity. Working with Dr Garrick of the Smith School, her recent projects include: a study on water reallocation from agriculture to cities in the context of urbanization and water scarcity; the development of a conceptual and applied framework on the contribution of rivers to the economy; and the development of fiscal decentralization indicators of relevance to water management. Laura is also currently a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at the University of Geneva's Institute for Environmental Sciences, and an Associate with the International Institute for Sustainable Development's (IISD's) Economic Law and Policy group. She has conducted field work in India, Bhutan, Southern Africa, the US, Canada and across Europe, and speaks English and French.

Dr Laura Turley

Dr Xiaoyan Zhou | Postdoctoral Research Associate | Sustainable Finance Programme

Dr Xiaoyan Zhou is a Research Associate at the Sustainable Finance Programme at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. Her research interests focus on Responsible Investment, Carbon Disclosure/Emission and Institutional Shareholder Engagement. Prior to joining the Sustainable Finance Progamme, Xiaoyan Zhou was in charge of establishing two joint venture companies in China and fully participated two IPOs on Australian Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market during 2003-2007.

Dr Xiaoyan Zhou