Academic Excellence

Our Summer School is taught by University of Oxford academics and industry professionals working at the intersection of enterprise and the environment. You will learn through world class research, debate, discussions, case studies, presentations, online simulations and more. Collectively you will address issues such as:

  • How does climate change affect economic stability?
  • How do financial markets drive long-term environmental decision-making?
  • Is the 1.5 degree threshold of the Paris climate change agreement possible?
  • How can we safeguard clean water for everyone?
  • What is the future of energy markets?
  • What can corporations do to protect biodiversity?

If you are interested in hearing what the latest world-class thinking on these questions is - and in searching for answers - the Summer School is right for you.

The course will include the following topics:

  • The environment, financial markets and long term investments
  • The latest in climate change science
  • The economics of climate change and the environment
  • 'Deep dives' into water and energy
  • Stranded assets and sustainable finance
  • Connecting environmental science and policy
  • Investing for impact and sustainable development
  • Ecosystem markets, biodiversity and conservation finance
  • Field trip to Wytham Woods with Earthwatch

The exact timetable for our 2018 Summer School is still being finalised, however you can find an example of the schedule from previous years in our course brochure. If you would like to discuss the academic content of the course in more detail then please feel free to contact us.

"Thank you all so much for organising such an enriching two weeks"
Summer School 2017 student