Our Vision

A healthy planet and a fairer, more prosperous world, supported by a sustainable global economic and financial system.

Our Mission

The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment equips enterprise to achieve net zero emissions and the sustainable development goals, through our world-leading research, teaching and partnerships.

Who we are

SSEE in 2019

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The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment was established in 2008 through the generosity of Sir Martin and Lady Elise Smith, and their family. We believe that to address climate change and environmental sustainability, it is essential to bring business into the conversation.

We seek to apply impactful research with enterprise to shape business practices, government policy and stakeholder engagement. The Smith School is focused on teaching, research, and engaging enterprise. We work with social enterprises, corporations, and governments alike. Our goal is offer innovative solutions to the challenges facing humanity and the modern firm over the coming decades.

We focus on environmental economics and policy as well as enterprise management, financial markets and investment. In the past three years, we have published some 1500 interdisciplinary research papers.

Our portfolio includes a variety of Executive Education programmes that cater to participants from all over the world. We also offer independent research and advice on matters such as environmental strategy, corporate governance, and long-term innovation.

We are ideally located within Oxford. We are housed in the School of Geography and the Environment, ranked #1 globally in the QS World University subject rankings. We also collaborate with the department's Environmental Change Institute and its Transport Studies Unit. We work closely with Oxford's wealth of academics, with 1,000 researchers from the social sciences. Our staff also hold cross-appointments at the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School, the Oxford Martin School, and the Institute of New Economic Thinking.

Smith School's Evolution

In the past ten years, we have based our development on three core objectives:

  1. To establish the Smith School as a global centre of excellence for research as well as corporate engagement on climate change and sustainability.
  2. To play a key role in advising national, European, and international leaders and policymakers on environmental sustainability.
  3. To engage the public with these issues, bringing a wide variety of stakeholders through our forums and outreach initiatives.

The Smith School successfully became a leading international institution committed to understanding the nexus between enterprise and the environment. Our second phase of development has been based on the following aims:

  1. To enhance our research scope and impact, publishing in leading international academic and policy-making journals whilst working with enterprise to address real-life issues through research application.
  2. To develop our teaching and communication programmes, and become a centre of excellence on enterprise and the environment reaching graduates and postgraduates as well as executive education participants.
  3. To deepen our engagement with enterprise, through shared research projects, student placements, policy forums, and related advisory relationships.
SSEE Annual Review 2017

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