The educational courses we provide are underpinned by the Smith School's commitment to international engagement with climate change and long-term environmental sustainability. Our portfolio is designed to reach multiple audiences, from the Summer School aimed at graduates through to the Sustainable Finance Foundation Course targeted to senior managers and executive-level professionals. Our teaching is distilled with cutting-edge, world-class research on enterprise and the environment as we work towards an agenda of addressing the global challenges facing humanity. Our courses cover a broad range of themes, including:

Our courses cover a broad range of themes, including:

  • Corporate environmental management
  • Sustainable finance
  • Water
  • Natural capital and resource management
  • Environmental economics
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable business practices
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Climate change
  • Resilience and adaptation

Previous programmes through the Smith School have included:

Financing Sustainable Energy Futures

This 4-day programme explored the financial, social and political contexts of developing our sustainable energy future. By engaging directly with world-leading energy experts, UK policy makers, corporations, and energy finance and strategy focused NGOs, the course offered participants an understanding of key issues related to the finance and politics of sustainable energy.

Oxford Adaptation Academy

In partnership with the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP) the Smith School designed and delivered the Oxford Adaptation Academy, a three week course for climate adaptation professionals. Participants represented leading international institutions such as the UNFCCC, Asian Development Bank and ICLEI.

Creating Sustainable Solutions: Transformations in Governance

Delivered alongside These Executive Minds (TEXEM) this programme explored how integrating financial, environmental, and social goals can enhance the performance of an organisation. The bespoke executive programme was specifically tailored to the African context and provided African executives the opportunity to explore the contextual realities facing their own organisations.

Enterprise and the Environment Doctoral Training Programme

A 5-day programme designed to develop PhD students understanding of the significance and impact of making their research relevant and accessible to business, and demonstrate the transferability of 'hard sciences' to corporate contexts. Learning was provided in a range of formats including lectures, case studies and debates undertaken by the Smith School academics and researchers, expert practitioners and industry professionals working at the forefront of enterprise and the environment.

For further information about the Smith School's educational programmes, please contact the Education Coordinator: executive.education@smithschool.ox.ac.uk