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The Smith School is at the heart of educational leadership for cultivating knowledge to individuals and organisations to influence change for sustainable environmental futures. This change is made tangible through improved and reimagined relationships between enterprise and the environment. We sow the seeds of positive impact and develop purposeful leadership and businesses.

Our bespoke courses are designed and delivered in partnership with leading global organisations. We understand that all companies are unique and therefore we shape our custom executive education interventions so that they are individually tailored to each client and made relevant for their current and future ecosystem.

Each engagement will be rooted in the architecture of learning at Oxford and underpinned by the Smith School's world-leading faculty, as well as our ability to utilise networks across the University of Oxford, such as with Sad Business School and Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET). We will blend the best of academic rigour and cutting edge research with professional expertise for deliberate educational design. We undertake this approach in close conversation with each client and will utilise systems of dialogue, interviews, research and review to untangle the threads of an organisations learning and development requirements.

Our programmes are typically interlaced with a mixture of pedagogy; from chalk and talk, bespoke case studies, group discussions, panel interviews, debates and simulation as well as experiential learning. Ultimately our faculty will use teaching methods they feel most appropriate in the context, depending upon the knowledge to be conveyed or skills to be developed.

We are particularly interested in exploring relationships that will allow us to best engage, understand and support each client by stretching the realms of a programme to one of continued bi-lateral consultation. This could include; research partnerships, executive coaching, seminars to larger audiences, recruitment opportunities for our students, and round-table discussions with industry professionals to list but a few possibilities.

All of our clients are supported by a programme team. This will often include:

  • Programme Director: a co-author on the academic design and educational lead on the intervention from conception through to delivery and post consultation
  • Academic Director: a co-author on the academic design and integration of knowledge
  • Executive Education Manager: responsible for the commercials and oversight of operations
  • Event Coordinator: responsible for the day-to-day logistics of the intervention

Our model however is interchangeable and orchestrated to align to the structure within each project and client team.

The Smith School works on an international scale; we are therefore proficient and experienced with controlling, managing and ultimately delivering projects across the globe as well as in our home of Oxford.