The University of Oxford aims to lead the world in research and education, and seeks to do this in ways which benefit society on a national and a global scale. We at the Smith School are firm believers in this mission, and achieve this impact through the provision of executive education at the nexus of enterprise and the environment.

These two interlocking horns are crucial for our shared sustainable futures, and need to be managed, understood, and communicated across organisations. Responsibility for the environment is no longer a choice for the modern firm, but has to be a central pillar of strategy, understanding, action and consensus over multiple (and increasingly non-traditional) job functions.

The Smith School is intent on driving this change and supporting organisations as they navigate environmental disruption, complexity and risk as well as opportunity. Through our custom executive education offering we are able to equip senior leaders and develop high-potential talent with a shared understanding, skillset, confidence and language to underpin organisational transformation amidst the many (and rapidly developing) faces of sustainability.

The Smith School has been at the forefront of environmental education for 10 years, and has shaped global organisations and teams as they grapple with this landscape. Each intervention is unique and fine tuned to the DNA, vision and challenges of our clients. Our learning solutions are undertaken by world leading academics and practitioners from multiple disciplines, supported by cutting edge research, and we seek to move individuals and firms from ideas to implementation.


The Smith School holds expertise across a spread of overlapping themes, including (but not limited to); water, infrastructure investment, climate change, environmental economics, resource prosperity, corporate sustainability, natural capital, energy futures, sustainable finance, and environmental governance and leadership.

We are able to cluster this knowledge to develop broad ranging executive education interventions with shared synergies. Examples of this could include; generating a culture of sustainability across an organisation, building capacity to execute environmental strategy, aligning a business with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), scenario planning, and environmental impact briefings to senior board members.

We are also able to drill down on our content and develop programmes around a single discipline, such as in the case of water, where we have scope to deliver knowledge around; security, safety, value, digitisation, policy, investments, technology, financing, risk, sustainability and more.

Oxford Ecosystem

The Smith School is able to draw upon expertise and create new partnerships for clients by utilising our expansive networks from across the University of Oxford. This includes interlinking colleagues from our collaborations with Saïd Business School, Environmental Change Institute, Transport Studies Unit and Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET). The Smith School is also able to integrate the Universities rich level of resources, history and culture into educational design.


We blend the best of academic knowledge and cutting edge research for deliberate educational design. We undertake this approach in close conversation with each client through systems of consultation, interviews, research and review to untangle the threads of an organisations learning and development objectives and challenges.


Our interventions are interlaced with a mixture of pedagogy; from chalk and talk, tutorials, bespoke case studies, peer learning, capstone projects, online simulations as well as experiential learning. The approaches used for each engagement will be determined through discussion with the client, and shaped by the audience, content to be taught, and course design.

Client Relationships

We are particularly interested in exploring collaborations that will allow us to best engage, understand and support each client by stretching the realms of a programme to one of continued partnership. This could include; integrated research projects, executive coaching, seminars to larger audiences, student placements, and round-table discussions with industry professionals.

Global Scope

The Smith School has an international footprint and can deliver complex programmes internationally as well as in our home of Oxford.

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