This short course is for early career professionals wanting to make the leap into sustainability in their careers, or for business leaders wanting to restrategise on sustainability.

Build a brighter future - Online short courses in Sustainability at Smith School

All scientific data indicates that we are overshooting the boundaries of planet Earth and must reformulate the relationship between nature, society, economies and enterprise.

I think people should absolutely take the chance of attending this course if they really want to gain a better understanding of the current research on sustainability but also gain an eclectic view on what sustainability is and how we should actually transition to net zero. If you don't understand sustainability you're not going to be successful as a business in the 21st century.

In this course we're going to give you a solid grounding in the essential things that you may need to know so that you and your organization can not just successfully navigate the future but play a proactive role in the transition to net zero sustainable development.

In eight online modules we share the latest thinking on reaching net zero and meaningfully addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learn with world-leading Oxford academics on the fundamental business challenges of our time. From the impacts of climate change to the imperative of a just transition to sustainability, we share our expertise in resource management, sustainable finance, policy, and law through the lens of business transformation and leadership. Through case studies and examples the reality of engaging the business world in sustainability is brought to life alongside current research.

Join us on this short online course with starting dates available through 2022. Your learning journey will be supported by a facilitator, offering their expertise and enthusiasm, providing feedback and adding to online discussions. You will leave the course with a detailed plan of action on a sustainability issue of personal significance.

"Throughout the course we inspire and guide to encourage thought and reflection rather than prescriptive instruction; we arm you with knowledge for agency."

Dr Caitlin McElroy
Director of Executive Education and Academic Lead for the Future of Sustainable Business.

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