MSc/MPhil Programmes

The School of Geography and the Environment hosts one of the largest graduate schools in Geography and the Environment in the world, and plays a key role in training world leaders in the field. The School recruits one hundred postgraduate MSc students across four taught programmes each year. The Smith School participates in leading and teaching modules across the four programmes:

During the most recent academic year the Smith School faculty have instructed the following modules:

  • Corporate Environmental Management (NSEG)
  • Corporate Social & Environmental Accountability(NSEG)
  • Environmental Economics and Policy (ECM)
  • Economics of the Environment (BCM)
  • Behavioural Economics and Field Experiments (NSEG)
  • Decision Making Processes (NSEG)
  • Water Economics (WSPM)
  • Research Methods (WSPM)
  • Socio-Political Nature of Water (WSPM)
  • Water and Development (WSPM)
  • Mobile Water for Development (module for all MSc courses)

MSc - MBA 1+1

Our four MSc programmes are part of the Oxford 1+1 Programme which enables exceptional and motivated students to combine their MSc with the Oxford MBA. The MSc will provide you with the in depth understanding of the complex dynamic between environment, society and markets based on theory and empirical evidence. This you will then apply to your enhanced management skills. There is growing evidence that this "depth + breadth" is what the world needs, and what employers seek.

Successful candidates for the Oxford 1+1 Programme will need to meet the admissions requirements for both programmes and be admitted separately to both. For further information on the MBA programme and how to apply please see the Saïd Business School website. If you are submitting an application for the Oxford 1+1 Programme you should notify us at as well as submitting an application for the relevant MSc course. The MSc application process is explained on the relevant MSc pages of the School of Geography and the Environment website.

The Oxford 1 + 1 Programme is currently open for applications.

DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy)

To be a DPhil candidate at the Smith School, an application must be made to the DPhil in Geography and the Environment, through the School of Geography and the Environment. Successful applicants become a DPhil candidate at the Smith School if they are supervised by a member of the Smith School's faculty.

The School of Geography and the Environment encourages applicants to make contact with a potential supervisor to discuss a research proposal before submitting an application to the DPhil. The application should then indicate the name of that potential supervisor so that it can be passed to the Smith School for comment.

If an application is received which does not mention a potential supervisor, but the research proposal is within the remit of the Smith School, the application will be passed to the Smith School for comment.

Current Doctoral (DPhil) Research Students

The international and interdisciplinary nature of the Smith School's science and research is reflected in the range of postgraduate research topics our graduate students undertake. Please see our Graduate Students webpage to find out more.