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It is clear. We are in a time of Climate Emergency. The scale and pace of climate change threatens the business status quo.

This programme is for senior executives who recognise the need for change within their business and are looking for guidance on how to best activate it.

It uniquely combines the academic expertise and research of two leading University of Oxford institutions:


This programme will equip you with the tools to develop a Climate Emergency action plan for your business.

  • How to declare a climate emergency
  • Action plan for your business
  • Balancing fiduciary duty to shareholders with climate risks
  • Legal requirements
  • Frameworks, case studies and strategies
  • Latest science
  • Peer learning across sectors and regions

Who should attend?

Senior leaders who can activate strategic change.

The programme is ideal for teams of two-to-three senior executives and could potentially include:

  • A senior executive eg CEO, CFO
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Board member

We are also keen to receive individual applications from senior executives who can influence the strategy of the organisation or business unit.

Participants will complete certain sessions in small groups. For these sessions each group will be paired with a 'youth voice' from our MBA community to help provide the next generation's perspective.

"Companies that have taken action on climate have higher returns. I think that most CEOs now know that the only way to stay profitable is to change."Paul Polman, Former Unilever CEO and Chair of the Saïd Business School Board

Programme outline

Thursday afternoon

Welcome and goal setting

  • Group introductions
  • Overview of programme objectives
  • Develop goals for your action plan
  • Share goals with other teams and with Oxford students
Thursday evening

Dinner at a college with keynote speaker (Cameron Hepburn)

Quintessential Oxford experience with a globally recognised keynote speaker.

Friday morning

Exploring the future of the corporation (Colin Mayer)

What is the role of business in society and how is it changing?

Problem landscape (Friederike Otto)

  • Climate data: The facts. What's happening on land, in oceans, ice caps and in the atmosphere. Causes/feedback loops
  • Impacts on business: Including the 2018 European heatwave and other examples (hurricanes, floods etc.)
  • Policy landscape: How things are shifting and what this means for business
Friday lunch

Guided deep time exercise (Gillian Benjamin)

  • Making sense of the climate emergency
  • Critical facts for your business/industry and your action plan
Friday afternoon

Solution landscape (Gordon Clark, Aoife Haney, Radhika Khosla and Charmian Love)

What are leading businesses doing:

  • Science based targets
  • Circular business models
  • Declaring a climate emergency
  • Translating solutions for your action plan
Friday evening

Accelerating change (Charmian Love, Aoife Haney)

What do we need to see change across entire industries? Identifying new ways to engage as part of your action plan.

  • Collaboration
  • Engaging with policy
  • Engaging with people
Saturday morning

Presentations and group commitment process

  • Present your action plan and receive feedback from your peers, faculty and Oxford students.
  • Reflections on the programme and preparing for the first debrief in May 2020.
Saturday brunch

Closing brunch followed by guided walk through Oxford and surrounding green spaces.

Online sessions

Two virtual classroom sessions where we will present updated case studies and you can share your progress with your peers from the programme.


How to apply

To find out more please contact

Logo: SBS

Steve Brewster, Associate Director, Executive Education


T: 44 (0)7545 507606

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Anita Bharucha, Chief Operating Officer

Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford