Enterprise and the Environment Summer School

Enterprise and the Environment
Summer School
30 June -12 July 2019

Coronavirus COVID-19 information:
We are still planning for all of our Summer 2020 courses to be held in Oxford to go ahead. However, in light of coronavirus (COVID-19) we will not require successful applicants to pay the course fees until the situation becomes clearer and would advise them not to commit to other related expenses (i.e. travel). We aim to confirm and re-confirm courses by the end of April 2020. It is possible that courses may need to be postponed, but we will continue to monitor events and follow UK Government guidance. We will also be providing successful applicants for 2020 courses with the option to defer their enrolment to 2021 should they prefer to do so. Please contact: executive.education@smithschool.ox.ac.uk for any queries in relation to this.

The Enterprise and the Environment Summer School is a two-week programme at the University of Oxford for undergraduate and graduate students that are passionate about leading environmental change.

The Enterprise and the Environment Summer School draws upon the research, faculty and networks from the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment to provide a unique and authentic Oxford experience. The programme includes over 50 hours of learning that is taught through combinations of debate, case-studies, role-plays, tutorials, lectures and field trips.

Content across the Enterprise and the Environment Summer School will approach the critical environmental challenges of the 21st century through the lenses of economics, finance and business practices. Through the programme students will explore issues such as:

  • How does climate change affect economic stability?
  • How do financial markets drive long-term environmental decision-making?
  • What does the Paris climate change agreement mean for enterprise?
  • How can we value water for sustainable development?
  • What are the financial, legal, and transitional risks and opportunities to organisations from climate change?
  • How are organisations and biodiversity intertwined?
  • What is the latest in the science of climate change?
  • What does a net-zero future mean for industries, and how can they catalyse change to reach it?
  • What does impact investing look like in practice?

If you are interested in hearing the latest research and thinking from Oxford on these questions - and in searching for answers - then the Enterprise and the Environment Summer School is right for you.

There are four scholarships available for the 2020 iteration of the programme. For more information on these please visit the how to apply page.

This programme meant the world to me. I can't say how thankful I am!
"This has been an experience I will never forget"