The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment tackles urgent environmental challenges by bringing public and private enterprise together with world-leading teaching and research.

We are a team of around 40 economic, financial and business scholars who combine academic excellence with private sector expertise. We conduct world-leading research and engage in active dialogue with enterprise partners, in order to develop breakthrough solutions and deliver powerful real-world impacts.

Our academic outputs, within and across disciplines, deliver benefits for people and the planet in terms of an improved economy, society or natural environment.

Impact case studies

To keep global warming within 1.5 degrees, every solution must have outsized impacts.

Researchers at the Smith School have:

  • REACHCombined smart technology with innovative funding models in water markets, making 1 million people water secure across Africa and Asia. Learn more about the REACH programme
  • Image: Andrew Bailey, Smith School of Enterprise and the EnvironmentProved that companies focused on sustainability improved performance and cash flow, mainstreaming environmental thinking in the business community and influencing hundreds of corporate ESG strategies around the world. Read the report.
  • Bank of EnglandPartnered with organisations not traditionally engaged in climate action, underpinning Mark Carney's European Commission speech 2019 and helping to secure recognition that climate change is part of the Bank of England's mandate.
  • Image: kamilpetran / Adobe StockEstablished the concept of 'stranded assets', radically reducing capital flows to environmentally unsustainable investments, and contributing to UK record lows for coal-generated power.
  • Image: zgphotography / Adobe StockCreated understanding of legal liabilities related to climate change, influencing financial systems to understand and disclose risk and working with partners like the £3 trillion One Planet Sovereign Wealth Fund Group. Read our 2019 briefing paper on integrating climate change.
  • ZurichWorking closely with Zurich global insurers, proposed new frameworks for social protection in rapidly changing global and national labour markets, creating better understanding of financial decision making.
  • Image: Jeremy Bishop, UnsplashEstablished the definitive guidelines for climate conscious investment, adopted by St Hilda's College via the Sarasin & Partners Climate Active Endowment Fund.

Who we work with

Enterprise must be at the heart of climate change solutions.

We use our expertise at the intersection of business, finance and the environment to carry out joint research and engage in meaningful dialogue. We provide the insights and solutions that enable companies to change.

Some of our partners

Some of our partners

University Partners

The Smith School works closely with departments across the University of Oxford, primarily with two Divisions: Maths, Physics & Life Sciences and Social Sciences. As such the Smith School is an efficient entry point into Oxford for all enterprise and the environment related matters.

SSEE University Partners
Our partners include:

School of Geography and the Environment, Environmental Change Institute, Transport Studies Unit, Department of International Development, Oxford Faculty of Law, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Biodiversity Institute Oxford, Department of Zoology, Department of Engineering Science, Department of Economics, Department of African Studies, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford Martin School, Department of Psychiatry, Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance, Mathematical Institute, Department of Continuing Education, Oxford Internet Institute, Department of Social Policy and Intervention, and Saïd Business School.