About SSEE View

SSEE View distils the latest research to support business decision-making in relation to environmental change. Our target audience includes executive and non-executive company directors, institutional investors, asset owners and corporate advisors. SSEE View is available through subscription.

The Programme is run by the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (SSEE) at the University of Oxford.


Businesses face important decisions due to the economic, social and regulatory consequences of environmental change. These decisions will often be taken under conditions of uncertainty, presenting opportunities and risks that are a focus of the Smith School's research interests. SSEE View exists to engage enterprise and investors with our work, and with relevant research from other departments within the University.

What we do

SSEE View collates research being published by social scientists in various departments across the University of Oxford. We review the literature from a perspective of business salience, drawing on well-established interdisciplinary knowledge networks that are in place at the Oxford Smith School. We produce a quarterly precis of the most relevant research, with an editorial summary that highlights empirical findings and implications. The work is disseminated, discussed and debated through private tutorials between subscribers and senior academics.

SSEE View eschews classroom lectures in favour of Oxford's time-tested tutorial method as the optimal format to exchange knowledge, to challenge, and to be challenged. Private tutorials provide a unique forum for engagement. Tutorials are arranged at regular intervals, curated by senior academics and are generally convened at the subscriber's place of work.