Course fees and scholarships

Course fees

Annual fees for entry into the MSc SEE for the 2021-22 academic year:

Fee statusAnnual course fee
Home (UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands & Isle of Man)£19,200
Overseas (including EU)£25,900

University-wide scholarships

There are over 1,100 full or partial graduate scholarships available across the University. You will be automatically considered for over two-thirds of Oxford scholarships, if you fulfil the eligibility criteria and submit your graduate application by the relevant January deadline, with most scholarships awarded on the basis of academic merit and/or potential. Many of these scholarships also assist with accommodation and living expenses.

MSEE-specific scholarships

Talented graduate students drawn from a diversity of backgrounds are essential to Oxford's academic mission. They help drive the University's world-leading research, and then take the unique combination of knowledge, leadership skills and intellectual confidence they gain at Oxford and apply it to the needs of their own communities, nations and the wider world. Lack of financial resources should not be a barrier to talent. In recognition of this, and the broader aims of the course, we will offer a number of scholarships specifically for the MSEE.

More scholarships will likely be added to this list over the coming weeks and months, so we encourage you to check the SSEE, SoGE and University of Oxford central graduate application websites for more details as they become known. You will be automatically eligible for these yet-to-be-listed scholarships (assuming you meet the criteria) regardless of when you submit your MSEE application, so long as it is on time (i.e. before the final deadline in January). You will not have to complete a separate application in most cases, and will be eligible by simply having applied for MSEE.

Applicants can and often do receive more than one scholarship. An outstanding applicant may receive a number of smaller scholarships forming to the amount needed to cover full tuition fees and living expenses for MSEE and one year residing in Oxford.


The following scholarships are available:

The Aurora Energy Research Scholarships

Aurora Energy Research Ltd is donating £500,000 for nine scholarships to be awarded between 2021-2026, as well as a founding gift to the Smith School's Director's Fund. The first two scholarships will be awarded to students starting the new course in October 2021.

The Linbury Scholarships: Enterprise and the Environment

Thanks to the generosity of the Linbury Trust, two fully funded scholarships (covering tuition fees and living costs) are available for MSc SEE students. The Linbury Scholarships: Enterprise and the Environment will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need. Students who are accepted on the course and meet these criteria will automatically be considered for the scholarship (no additional application is required).

St Cross MSc Scholarship in Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment

St Cross College is delighted to offer two one-year scholarships for students commencing MSc SEE in October 2021. The scholarships each have a value of £10,000 and are intended to provide financial assistance to an academically meritorious graduate student.

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants must have applied to study for the MSc in Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford by the January 2021 deadline. No separate application is required and all eligible offer-holders (i.e. candidates accepted into the course) will be considered for this award. Details can be found on the St Cross College website.

MSEE Scholarship

A scholarship worth approximately £18,000 will be awarded to a worthy recipient enrolled in the MSEE. This scholarship is made possible by the generous support of the Boston Consulting Group. There is no separate application process for this scholarship - all those accepted into MSEE will be considered.

Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme

The Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme cultivates the leaders of tomorrow by providing outstanding university graduates and professionals from developing and emerging economies with the opportunity to pursue fully-funded graduate studies at the University of Oxford, combined with a comprehensive programme of leadership development, long-term mentoring and networking. The scholarship will cover 100% of course fees and a grant for living costs (of at least £15,285). Awards are made for the full duration of your fee liability for the agreed course. Details on eligibility and how to apply can be found on the University website.

The Oxford Indira Gandhi Scholarship

This is a fully funded scholarship tenable at Somerville College. The scholarship is only for Indian nationals / graduates of Indian universities. MSEE is included in the fairly short list of courses eligible to receive this scholarship. No additional application is necessary. Details can be found on the Somerville College website.

Rhodes Scholarship

MSEE appears on the list of courses eligible for the Rhodes Scholarship - arguably the world's most prestigious academic scholarship. It covers all tuition fees and also provides a living expenses stipend. The 1+1 option (i.e. MSEE + MBA) can also be taken as part of a Rhodes scholar's study plan. A considerable application process exists for the Rhodes Scholarship. Details can be found on the Rhodes Trust website.