Research and enterprise are central to the Smith School. Key to the School's success is the integration of new knowledge secured through research activity and effective application to enterprise in order to shape business practices, government policy and stakeholder engagement. Connecting academia, business and government within this research framework, draws upon members of the School's extensive experience in the corporate sector, public policy, environmental sustainability and economic development.

Bringing together this knowledge and experience within a robust framework of academic enquiry is the key objective of the School. We feel passionate about addressing the most pressing challenges that the 21st century resource-constrained world is facing and are enthusiastic about working with relevant stakeholders to design innovative solutions.

Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, including the corporate sector, public policymakers, to economic developers, etc. This facilitates the School's aim to create an on-going dialogue between academia, business, NGOs and government.

Specific examples of effective enterprise partnerships since 2008 have resulted in: