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The long-awaited follow-up to one of the 'most influential volumes' in the field of Economic Geography has now been published, edited by the SSEE's Director, Gordon L. Clark, alongside Maryann P. Feldman, Meric S. Gertler and Dariusz Wojcik.

'The Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography is the single most important statement of the scope and status of the vibrant interdisciplinary field of economic geography, bringing together more than sixty leading economists and geographers from around the world.'

The Oxford Handbooks are 'authoritative and up-to-date surveys of original research in a particular area', containing 'specially commissioned essays from leading figures in the discipline'. The Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography is devoted to the essays about the emerging global economy of the twenty-first century. The contributors are selected as 'provocative and challenging' and expected to 'define the terms of debate for the coming decade'.

This second edition offers a current perspective about today's themes in economic geography from the viewpoints of 65 leading scholars across the globe including chapters by SSEE's Gordon Clark, Cameron Hepburn, Sarah McGill, Caitlin McElroy, Alex Pfeiffer, and Alex Teytelboym. It covers many topics including digital economies, financial innovation, crisis and austerity.

"This is the most comprehensive and significant statement about the value and potential of economic geography in thirty years."

Further Information

The following chapters were authored by members of the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment:

  • Chapter 10: Behaviour in Context, Gordon L. Clark
  • Chapter 34: The Financialization Thesis Revisited: Commodities as an Asset Class, Sarah McGill
  • Chapter 38: Reconceptualizing Resource Peripheries, Caitlin A. McElroy
  • Chapter 40: Green Growth, Cameron Hepburn, Alexander Pfeiffer, and Alexander Teytelboym

Copies of the book can be ordered from the publisher.