Continuing partnership with Zurich to protect future generations from the income protection gap

Photo from unsplash

We are pleased to announce the Smith School's continuing partnership with Zurich Insurance Group in leading the three year Agile Protection Project — Securing Workforce Protection for the Future.

Prof Gordon Clark, Dr Sarah McGill, Dr Stefania Innocenti and Angelika Kaiser, together with Zurich's Group Communications and Public Affairs team, will investigate current threats to the sustainability of worker protection systems, and propose frameworks for social protection in rapidly changing global and national labour markets.

Theproject, which commences in July 2018, will build upon the success of the Zurich-Oxford Income Protection Gap project (2015-2018) which examined the behavioural (bottom-up) and institutional (top-down) drivers of shortfalls in earned household income due to disability, illness, or the premature death of a breadwinner.

We aim to achieve similar results in the Agile Protection project: the generation of robust, extensive original data in support of fresh, actionable policy recommendations with both global and tailored national relevance. We will also carry forward the Smith School's work on the shifting balance of financial responsibility from institutions to individuals and households.

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