Smith School faculty have co-led two bids with £2 million for Research on 'Innovating for a Sustainable Future'

Plastic cup

In a recent competition by the Oxford Martin School the Smith School secured two out of the four new solutions-focused research grant that aim to improve outcomes across two or more of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals:

  • The Future of Cooling led by PIs Radhika Khosla and Malcolm McCulloch (Engineering) to understand the uptake and use of cooling technologies; assess the health impacts of heat and accelerate the uptake of more sustainable coolant gases and policies that promote more energy efficient air-conditioning.
  • The Future of Plastics led by PIs Charlotte Williams (Chemistry), Catherine Redgwell (Law) and Cameron Hepburn to develop new plastic materials, examine the stocks and flows of plastics across the globe and propose policy and regulatory levers to accelerate a sectoral transition to the circular economy.

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