• Honorary Research Associate


Academic Profile

Alexander Bassen is a full professor of capital markets and management at the University of Hamburg, Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Science (Germany). He teaches courses in finance and investment, ESG and capital markets and reporting. Prof. Bassen is a member of the German Council for Sustainable Development - advisory body of the German Federal Government, chair of the UN PRI Academic Network Steering Committee, member of the corporate governance commission and the investor relations commission of the Society of Investment Professionals Germany (DVFA), member of the Commission on Environmental, Social and Governance Issues (CESG) of the European Association of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) and member of the advisory panel for sustainability of Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management (Deutsche Bank). His work has been published e.g. in Energy Economics, Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment, Journal of Business Economics, Applied Economics, International Journal Technology Management.

Selected Publications