• Postdoctoral Researcher in System-Level Energy Market Design


Academic Profile

Iacopo Savelli is Postdoctoral Researcher in Energy Market Design. He holds a BSc in Economics, a MSc in Finance, and a PhD in Engineering. His main research areas include energy economics, smart local energy systems, network investments, and community energy design. His current works focus on a new design of a capacity market auction considering network externalities, and the deployment of nodal prices at the distribution grid level. He was Researcher Associate with the University of Bath until 2019, and before Teaching Assistant in the Energy Market at the University of Siena. Currently, he leads the tasks "Local Energy Market Design for Distribution System and Local Authority Objectives" and "System-Level Market Design for Integrating Local Energy" within the EPRSC project "EnergyREV - Market Design for Scaling up Local Clean Energy Systems" (EP/S031901/1) with Prof Cameron Hepburn and Dr Thomas Morstyn.