• Honorary Research Associate



Dr Paola Ballon is a Research Associate at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment and former Researcher in Development Economics of the REACH - Improving Water Security for the Poor programme (DFID, 2015-2022), and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, Oxford University, U.K. She is an econometrician with expertise in the measurement and statistical analysis of multidimensional poverty, female empowerment and water-security. Her work applies economic theory and techniques in the measurement, design and evaluation of policies and interventions which aim to reduce poverty and improve water-security in developing countries.

She has won competitive research consultancies from the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme in Guinea-Bissau and Haiti, Unicef-Mali, The International Potato Centre, and the International Labour Office in Geneva.

Dr Ballon is an Associate Editor of Oxford Development Studies, former member of the the Editorial Board of the Review of Income and Wealth, member of the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, and former co-ordinator of the Horizontal Inequalities Thematic Group of the Human Development and Capability Association.