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Selected Publications (2022)

6 publications listed

  • Khosla, R. (forthcoming) Electrifying the national capital region. In, Chakravorty, S. and Sircar, N. (eds.) Colossus: The Anatomy of Delhi. Oxford University Press.
  • Chiesa, M. (forthcoming) The Relationship between Debt and Environmental Performance: Evidence from American Publicly Listed Corporations. Working paper.
  • Chiesa, M., Barua, S. and Banga, J. (forthcoming) The Green Bond Learning Curve: Issuance, Maturity, and Price. Journal of Empirical Finance.
  • Chiesa, M., Carvalho, S. and Barua, S. (forthcoming) How do Companies React to Cost of Debt? A Study of Debt Effects on Corporate Environmental Performance. Working paper.
  • Diem, C., Pichler, A. and Thurner, S. (forthcoming) What is the Minimal Systemic Risk in Financial Exposure Networks? Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.
  • Pichler, A., Poledna, S. and Thurner, S. (forthcoming) Systemic-risk-efficient asset allocation: Minimization of systemic risk as a network optimization problem. Journal of Financial Stability.

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