Reports by members of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment are provided below. Academic publications and research outputs are also provided on individual staff webpages and by research theme.


Renewable Energy Solutions for Rural Zambia Workshop Report PDF: 4.5 MB
Nchimunya Mwiinga, Rekha Rajan, Prem Jain, Susann Stritzke, Bothwell Batizarai and Amos Madhlopa
Electricity for integrated rural development. The role of businesses, the public sector and communities in Uganda and Zambia PDF: 2.5 MB
Aoife Haney, Susann Stritzke, Philipp Trotter, Akaraseth Puranasamriddhi, Amos Madhlopa, Bothwell Batidzirai, Peter Twesigye, Alfred Moyo


Practical challenges of sustainable electrification in Africa. Workshop Final Report PDF: 4.2 MB
Stritzke, S.
Directors' Liability and Climate Risk: National Legal Papers for Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom PDF: 1.3 MB
Sarah Barker, Alice Garton, Christine Reddell, Janis Sarra, Alexia Staker, Cynthia Williams
Asset-level data and the Energy Transition PDF: 2.6 MB
Ben Caldecott, Gerard Dericks, Geraldine Bouveret, Kim Schumacher, Alexander Pfeiffer, Daniel J. Tulloch, Lucas Kruitwagen, Matthew McCarten
Crude awakening: making oil major business models climate-compatible PDF: 1.5 MB
Ben Caldecott, Ingrid Holmes, Lucas Kruitwagen, Dileimy Orozco, Shane Tomlinson
Fossil fuel company Investor Relations (IR) departments and engagement on climate change PDF: 1.5 MB
Duncan MacDonald-Korth, Elizabeth Harnett, Ben Caldecott


Embracing the income protection gaps challenge: options and solutions PDF: 3.5 MB
Sarah McGill, Noel Whiteside and Gordon L Clark
The future of renewable energy infrastructure financing - aligning development opportunities with investor preferences PDF: 1 MB
Matthew Geiger


Stranded Assets and Thermal Coal: An analysis of environment-related risk exposure PDF
en Caldecott, Lucas Kruitwagen, Gerard Dericks, Daniel Tulloch, Irem Kok, James Mitchell


GRo for GooD Inception Workshop Report PDF: 3.5 MB
Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment
Insuring Against Rural Water Risk: Evidence from Kwale, Kenya PDF: 1.3 MB
Tim Foster, Rob Hope and Patrick Thomson
Stranded Assets and Subcritical Coal: The risk to companies and investors PDF: 7.1 MB
Ben Caldecott, Gerard Derick, James Mitchell


From Rights to Results in Rural Water Services: Evidence from Kyuso, Kenya PDF: 4.4 MB
Dr Rob Hope, Patrick Thomson, Johanna Koehler, Tim Foster and Mike Thomas
From the Stockholder to the Stakeholder: How sustainability can drive financial outperformance
Prof Gordon L. Clark, Andreas Feiner, Dr Michael Viehs


China and South-South Scoping Assessment for Adaptation, Learning and Development (CASSALD) PDF: 8.7 MB
Dr Murray Simpson, Megan Cole
Natural Resource Scarcity: An overview of the issues and the contributions of the investor community to sustainable business and finance PDF: 0.6 MB
Sarah McGill
Stranded Assets and the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign: What does divestment mean for the valuation of fossil fuel assets? PDF: 7.3 MB
Atif Ansar, Ben Caldecott, James Tilbury
Stranded Assets in Agriculture: Protecting value from environment-related risks PDF: 8.5 MB
Ben Caldecott, Nicholas Howarth, Patrick McSharry
Stranded Down Under? Environment-related factors changing China's demand for coal and what this means for Australian coal assets PDF: 4.3 MB
Ben Caldecott, James Tilbury, Yuge Ma
Wireless Water: Improving urban water provision through mobile finance innovations PDF: 0.9 MB
Aaron Krolikowski, Prof Xiaolan Fu, Dr Rob Hope


Future Trajectories of Climate Change Negotiations and their Implications for South Africa PDF: 1.3 MB
Sir David King, Mega Cole, Sally Tyldesley, Ryan Hogarth.
The Future of Arctic Enterprise: Long-term outlook and implications PDF: 6 MB
Alex Williams, Aisling O'Sullivan Darcy, Dr Angela Wilkinson
The Response of China India and Brazil to Climate Change: A perspective for South Africa PDF: 2.2 MB
Sir David King, Mega Cole, Sally Tyldesley, Ryan Hogarth.
Towards a Low Carbon Pathway for the UK PDF: 3.5 MB
Prof Gregg Butler, Michael Evans, Dr Oliver Inderwildi, Grace McGlynn
Water Worlds: The future of water security PDF: 298.7 KB
Dr Angela Wilkinson, Aisling O'Sullivan Darcy.


A Low Carbon Nuclear Future: Economic Assessment of Nuclear Materials and Spent Nuclear Fuel Management in the UK PDF: 11.9 MB
Prof Sir David King, Grace McGlynn, Michael Evans.
International climate change negotiations: Key lessons and next steps PDF: 4 MB
Prof Sir David King, Dr Kenneth Richards, Sally Tyldesley.
Rwanda-Baseline Report PDF: 5 MB
Bernis Byamukama, Dr Christian Carey, Mega Cole, Jillian Dyszynski, Dr Matthew Warnest. Edited by: Prof Sir David King.
Rwanda's Climate: Observation and Projections PDF: 2 MB
Robert McSweeney. Edited by: Megan Cole.
Rwanda's Centre for Climate Knowledge for Development: Proposal PDF: 3.3 MB
Dr Michael Harrison. Edited by: Megan Cole.
Rwanda Thinkpiece PDF: 2.3 MB
Megan Cole, Ryan Hogarth.
Rwanda-Health Review PDF: 0.6 MB
Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment
Rwanda-Intern Reports PDF: 1.1 MB
Gloria Mutoni, Tito Rugamba, Ernest Ramuni. Edited by: Megan Cole, Ryan Hogarth.
Smart Water Systems PDF: 0.7 MB
Dr Rob Hope, Dr Alex Money, Dr Michael Rouse, Dr Tim Foster.

Accessing publications

University of Oxford academics and researchers are strongly committed to, and already very active in, ensuring the widest possible access to research findings for the benefit of the international research community and society more widely. You can find out more on the University's Open Access website. In addition, many of the School's publications have been added to the Oxford University Research Archive. If you lack access and would like to read any of the articles above please contact the authors directly.