Working papers by members of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment are provided below. Academic publications and research outputs are also provided on individual staff webpages and by research theme.


Stranded Property Assets in China's Resource-based Cities: implications for financial stability? PDF
Gerard Dericks, Robert Potts, Ben Caldecott (February 2018)


The fate of European coal-fired power stations planned in the mid-2000s: Insights for policymakers, companies, and investors considering new coal
Ben Caldecott, Elizabeth Harnett, Duncan MacDonald-Korth (August 2017)
Stranded Assets and Thermal Coal in China: An analysis of environment-related risk exposure
Ben Caldecott, Gerard Dericks, Daniel Tulloch, Xiawei Liao, Lucas Kruitwagen, Geraldine Bouveret, James Mitchell (February 2017)
Managing the political economy frictions of closing coal in China
Ben Caldecott, Geraldine Bouveret, Gerard Dericks, Lucas Kruitwagen, Daniel Tulloch, Xiawei Liao (February 2017)
17-02Understanding Regulatory Innovation: The Political Economy of Removing Old Regulations Before Adding New Ones
Robert Hahn and Andrea Renda (August 2017)
17-01Working with Customers to Improve Regulation
Robert Hahn, Robert Metcalfe and Florian Rundhammer (June 2017)


16-02The Behavioralist as Policy Designer: The Need to Test Multiple Treatments to Meet Multiple Targets
Robert Hahn, Robert D. Metcalfe, David Novgorodsky, Michael K. Price (December 2016)
16-01Using big data to estimate consumer surplus: The case of uber
Peter Cohen, Robert Hahn, Jonathan Hall, Steven Levitt, Robert Metcalfe (September 2016)


None listed.


14-04Big Data and Environmental Sustainability: A Conversation Starter PDF: 0.9 MB
Alan Keeso (December 2014)
14-03Minding Maps in Mapping (Neglectful) Minds: Multi-Scale Reflexivity in Neural Space
Dane P. Rook (December 2014)
14-02Disagreeing on Agreeing
Dane P. Rook (October 2014)
14-01From Rights to Results in Rural Water Services - Evidence from Kyuso, Kenya PDF: 4.4 MB
Dr Rob Hope, Patrick Thomson, Johanna Koehler, Tim Foster and Mike Thomas (March 2014)


13-06Political Economy of Climate Change PDF: 1.1 MB
Franklin Steves & Alexander Teytelboym (October 2013)
13-05Does the social Cost of Carbon Matter?: An Assessment of U.S. Policy PDF: 0.6 MB
Prof Robert Hahn & Dr Robert A. Ritz (October 2013)
13-04Subjective Well-Being: Why Weather Matters PDF: 0.7 MB
Dr John Feddersen, Dr Robert Metcalfe & Dr Mark Wooden (June 2013)
13-03Spectrum Policy and the Evolution of the Wireless Internet: Some Thoughts on Where Economists Agree and Disagree
Prof Robert Hahn & Dr Peter Passell (March 2013)
13-02Pollution Havens: Does Third Country Environmental Policy Matter? Disagree PDF: 0.6 MB
John Feddersen (February 2013)
13-01Evaluating the Effectiveness of Environmental Offset Policies PDF: 0.6 MB
Prof Robert Hahn & Dr Kenneth Richards (January 2013)


12-02Finding 'True North' for Sustainable Business PDF: 0.7 MB
Peter Lacy, Dr Mick Blowfield & Rob Hayward (July 2012)
12-01Understanding the risks of the green deal? PDF: 1.4 MB
Sam Arie (February 2012)


None listed.


10-02Climates of Change: Sustainability Challenges for Enterprise: Outsourcing governance: Fairtrade's message for C21 global governance PDF: 0.7 MB
Dr Catherine Dolan & Dr Mick Blowfield (April 2010)
10-01Climates of Change: Sustainability Challenges for Enterprise: Co-optimization of Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Sequestration PDF: 0.8 MB
Andrew Leach, Charles F. Mason, Klaas van't Veld. Editor: Dr Mick Blowfield (February 2010)


09-04Climates of Change: Sustainability Challenges for Enterprise: Government Failure and Market Failure - On the Inefficiency of Environmental and Energy Policy PDF: 0.6 MB
David Anthoff & Prof Robert Hahn (December 2009)
09-03Climates of Change: Sustainability Challenges for Enterprise: India and climate change mitigation PDF: 0.7 MB
Vijay Joshi, Urjit R. Patel. Editor: Dr Mick Blowfield (October 2009)
09-02Climates of Change: Sustainability Challenges for Enterprise: International carbon finance and the Clean Development mechanism PDF: 0.5 MB
Dr Cameron Hepburn (September 2009)
09-01Climates of Change: Sustainability Challenges for Enterprise: IEU climate-change policy - a critique PDF: 0.6 MB
Prof Dieter Helm (September 2009)

Accessing publications

University of Oxford academics and researchers are strongly committed to, and already very active in, ensuring the widest possible access to research findings for the benefit of the international research community and society more widely. You can find out more on the University's Open Access website. In addition, many of the School's publications have been added to the Oxford University Research Archive. If you lack access and would like to read any of the articles above please contact the authors directly.