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Impact Investing Conference

5-6 June 2014 | St Hugh's College

Impact investing is on the rise. High-net-worth individuals and wealthy families are increasingly becoming active in impact investing to solve some of the major global challenges such as poverty and climate change. Yet, today there is hardly any academic research investigating the real effects of impact investing, mostly due to the lack of reliable data. Further, it is still not clear how and whether impact investors could collaborate more closely with the financial industry to promote their impact ideas to address real societal needs.

This conference brought together leading academics, impact investors, and institutional investors to discuss and address exactly these issues. The aim was to (1) provide different perspectives on social and environmental impact investing, (2) discuss potential collaborations between impact investors and (mainstream) institutional investors, and (3) illustrate the resulting implications for big institutional investors, family offices, and pension funds who would like to become active impact investors.

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