The project 'Mumuni-Singani' aims to overcome the complex challenges for rural communities by transferring research findings into actionable results by developing an integrated concept for solar PV pilot-projects in Africa. The innovative model combines access to clean energy, irrigation systems and sustainable farming-/agro-processing solutions through an interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder approach. The concept is based on a value chain approach, which includes innovative financing mechanisms for productive use appliances that enhance and diversify the economic basis of local communities. It will be developed in close cooperation with local communities, especially through the involvement of Women-Self Help Groups. All project partners are experts in their respective area of the integrated approach, have a strong footprint in the region and close connections to the local communities in the region.

Buffalo Energy Ltd. Buffalo Energy Ltd., Zambia: Buffalo Energy is a Zambian renewable power developer. They specialise in providing long term, reliable power across sub-Saharan Africa and is the main business partner of the research project. BE will advise on the technical development of a solar PV mii-grid and the operational model and will potentially lead the technical implementation of the solar PV mini-grids in Zambia.
Youth Development Organization Youth Development Organization Choma, Zambia (YDO): YDO as a local Zambian NGO has a strong track record in youth and women empowerment programmes in Zambia. Supported by Kindernothilfe, YDO played a central role in setting up Women Self Help groups (SHGs). YDO will act as local coordinator for the project preparation, implementation and operation stages. YDO will facilitate and manage local community involvement as well as the development and implementation of innovative micro-financing approaches in cooperation with local Women-Self-Help groups (SHGs).
UNZA Prof Prem Jain, UNESCO Chair in Renewable Energy and Environment, The University of Zambia: The Department of Physics at UNZA has been involved in solar energy and climate change for close to four decades. The Solar Energy Centre (SEC) which is mainly focused on providing a comprehensive range of support services to the emerging solar industry. A collaboration between SSEE and UNZA has been established during previous research projects with the aim of knowledge transfer and mutual capacity building.
Mobile Power Mobile Power Ltd., UK: The UK tech company has developed a pay-per-charge rental model to supply smart battery packs at a price affordable to low-income households. Central to the model is a cheap yet effective security system and the use of cashless, mobile payments. The innovative concept of Mobile Power UK will complement the concept and the project. By providing an outreach model to those households that are too far from a mini-grid.
Plant a million 'Plant a million': The Zambian initiative intends to tackle deforestation & climate change by planting as many trees as possible; whilst fighting poverty through economic usage of the planted trees. The initiative will act as a partner for the project by providing expertise on sustainable agriculture and actual implementation support.