Photo: Dennis Schroeder / National Renewable Energy Lab on Flickr

Net-zero compliant legal architectures


The transition to a sustainable future requires a vast shift in social, economic, and legal systems. Our work on net-zero compliant legal architectures identifies and develops interventions and structures that enable and accelerate the transition.

Our work

In November 2020, we helped to launch Oxford Net Zero. The programme aims to address how we limit the cumulative net total of CO2 in the atmosphere in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement, while acknowledging that more CO2 will be generated from energy, industry and land-use change than our goals allow. We support the goals of Oxford Net Zero by developing the legal and governance solutions necessary to effectively implement net zero policies. Lavanya Rajamani and Thom Wetzer lead the legal and financial workstream of the project.

We contribute to the debate on the legal and governance dimensions of net-zero policies, for example at a public seminar series hosted by the Oxford Martin School.

We provide commentary on ongoing legal developments around companies' net-zero commitments for Reuters.