Organisational Partners

Marex Spectron

Marex Spectron is a world leading broker offering commodity market coverage across metals, agricultural and energy products, with extensive services, diversified client base, platform scalability, and leading proprietary technology, data and analytics offerings.


The Satellite Applications Catapult is a unique technology and innovation company, boosting UK productivity by helping organisations harness the power of satellite-based services. By connecting industry and academia, Catapult gets new research off the ground and into the market more quickly.


Earth-I are at the forefront of the commercialisation of space, supplying high-resolution image data services from the DMC3/TripleSat Constellation, KOMPSAT series of satellites and SuperView satellites to clients across the globe. Their range of services, from data processing to analytics, help the policy makers and innovators of today take more effective decisions, more rapidly.

Kumi Analytics

Kumi Analytics is an alternative data company focused on earth observation analytics for the financial services industry. Kumi Analytics creates products from satellite imagery with machine learning algorithms to provide unique insights into economic activity and the environment.