6 October 2018

Global Challenges Research Fund project RISE is launched

team photo

The inaugural workshop for the launch of RISE (Research innovation scale energy), previously known as 'Innovation and Scale: Enhanced Energy Access and Local Market Development in SSA' (GCRF-ESRC) took place at the University of Oxford on 3/4 October 2018.

Workshop participants

The two day meeting brought together the project team from Oxford and Cape Town universities, along with external stakeholders and advisory board members to review and plan the project.

On 3rd October the Project Team reviewed all project activities in detail; forecast academic papers; discussed issues relating to the field work, survey data collection, literature review; and had fruitful discussions about the overall challenges and opportunities in meeting the project goals. Ryan Haney from Collab Lab conducted a team building session which was very reflective and took into account potential threats as well as anticipated successes together with action plans to mitigate these.

Workshop participants

The 4th of October welcomed external stakeholders including the High Commissioner of the Republic of Zambia, Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland and the Holy See. HE Muyeba Chikonde presented a thoughtful keynote address on the 'Transformative Potential of Renewable Energy Solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa' which included the role of women vis-a-vis renewable energy in Zambia. This was followed by a brief introduction by all the partners on their affiliation to renewable energy solutions and economic growth. As a follow-up an Advisory Council of interested stakeholders is being established.