People: University of Cape Town

Dr Amos Madhlopa (Co-Principal Investigator)

Senior Researcher in Renewable Energy, University of Cape Town

Amos is a Senior Research Officer at the Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town (UCT). His research interests include: renewable energy technology development; energy efficiency; energy systems modelling, design, testing & exploitation; mitigation of climate change through sustainable energy production and consumption and; rural and community energy provision. Hitherto, he was Newton Fellow at the University of Strathclyde conducting research in energy systems. He also worked for the University of Malawi as an academic member of staff, involved in teaching, student supervision, research, consultancy and administration. Amos has published articles in reputable national and international journals, book chapters and a book. He has received a wide range of research and merit awards from national and international organizations such as the National Research Council of Malawi, National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa, International Renewable Energy Network Agency, and Royal Society of the United Kingdom. In view of this, he is rated by the NRF as an established researcher. Amos obtained a doctorate degree from the University of Strathclyde, and MSc and BSc degrees from the University of Malawi. In the RISE project, he is Co-Principal Investigator and will provide guidance, strategic input and oversight of the team at UCT.

Dr Bothwell Batidzirai

Senior Researcher in Energy Poverty and Development, University of Cape Tow

Bothwell is a clean energy and sustainability expert with extensive energy sector experience in Sub Saharan Africa. Currently he is working as a Senior Research Fellow in the Energy, Poverty and Development Group at the Energy Research Centre within the University of Cape Town. Bothwell has been involved in the promotion of sustainable energy technologies and climate change mitigation through consultancy, research, policy advocacy, and capacity building through various activities for over 20 years. He has expertise in techno-economic and environmental sustainability analysis as they relate to sustainable energy technology application in developing country settings. Bothwell's current work includes investigating strategies for up-scaling the deployment of renewable energy technologies in the developing world as a vehicle for promoting economic development, improving the livelihoods of the marginalized, as well as protecting the environment. He has published many reports and peer reviewed scientific papers as well as book chapters on sustainable energy and sustainable development in general. Bothwell was awarded his PhD in Energy Systems Analysis from Utrecht University in the Netherlands following an MSc in Sustainable Development (Energy & Resources) from Utrecht. Bothwell's contribution on RISE will be to collaborate with Susann Stritzke on the Community Workstream and work closely with Tikondane, the community partner based in Zambia.

Alfred Moyo

Research Officer

Alfred is a Research Officer at the Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town (UCT). He is an energy economist and his current research interests include; the impact of energy prices on sustainable development; climate change mitigation, including carbon pricing; low-carbon development and; renewable energy. He has expertise in econometric and computable general equilibrium modelling. Prior to joining UCT, Alfred was a researcher at Frost & Sullivan, an international market research and growth consulting company. During his time there, he worked on several projects that included the analysis of production and investment in South Africa’s power generation and liquid fuels industries. In the RISE project, Alfred will contribute to the general project implementation and the work stream on community engagement under the supervision of Dr Amos Madhlopa. He will assist in selection of specialist methods for data acquisition and analysis; development of research materials (such as questionnaires); community surveys; qualitative and econometric analyses of data; organization of stakeholder workshops; capacity building seminars; writing up an article on community engagement and rural electrification; and report writing.

Peter Twesigye

Peter is currently a PhD Candidate - Management Programme in Infrastructure Reform and Regulation at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, SA. Peter is an Infrastructure Economist with over 10 years' experience in Electricity Distribution and Urban Water and Sanitation Management. Peter's technical expertise draws from Strategic Planning Function, Utility Regulation and formulation of Corporate Plans/Business Plans, Tariff reviews, Monitoring & Evaluation, Management, Institutional Development, tariff setting and Tariff Indexation he has executed at Umeme Ltd (Uganda's largest Concessioned Electricity Distribution Company) and previously with National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), which is one of the leading water utilities in the world. He has extensive experience in design of Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) to Turn Around ailing Companies & Organisations. He is skilled in design of strategic policies to increase awareness, improve objective management decision making, monitoring and strategic guidance. He has carried out investment reviews and appraisal of Capital Development Investments worth USD 100m in line with organizational goals & resources to ensure that organizations are kept on a sound financial footing through implementing viable investments at Umeme Ltd. He has experience in the Energy Sector, where he is currently the Manager Regulatory Affairs & Investments at Umeme Ltd. He has vast knowledge on Concession design and Public-Private Partnerships in the Distribution segment. Peter will be contributing his expertise for 50% of his time to the RISE project working with Philipp Trotter to undertake activities within the three workstreams (Business Models, Institutions & SMEs and Communities) with a focus on Uganda.