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'World's worst environmental disaster' set to be repeated with controversial new dam in Africa

The Conversation | 28 Nov 2018.

Another reminder of tradeoffs being made in the development of energy initiatives, especially on a large scale level, face the risk of trade-offs between providing energy security vis-a-vis detrimental social and environmental consequences.

In this Conversation article on 28th November, the impact of a hydro-electric dam on the Omo River in Ethiopia was analysed, It concluded that the Omo-Turkana Basin development can be considered one of the 'world's worst environmental disasters'. This is due to the ineffective implementation of meeting the energy need but damaging the social and physical environment. This trade-off raises the question we are attempting to answer with RISE– what is the most effective solution to meeting energy requirements while at the same time maintaining social and environmental habitats. It underlines our philosophy that there is an urgent need for an innovative approach to tackle this challenge.

Open coalmine near Africa's first nature reserve divides community.

The Guardian Newspaper | 17 Oct 2018.

The above article illustrates the conflict between community well-being, social inclusion, economic growth and environmental protection and provides essential implications for our research: (1) How do communities benefit from natural resource exploration and how is the impact of such projects on their well-being? (2) Can there be a third way that combines environmental protection and community benefits and well-being? Can projects like similar the OL Pejeta Conservancy that aim at combining sustainable infrastructure projects, economic empowerment and community well-being be scaled to provide such a third way? The article also illustrates that even large-scale investment into renewable energy programs like REI4P do not immediately solve the demand for fossil energy supply.

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