From the competitive challenges of burgeoning global demand for scarce natural resources, to the significance of new legislation for environmental protection, business sustainability is increasingly intertwined with the sustainable management of the natural environment.

Within our Environmental Management programme, we address the scientific challenges of evolving natural environments to support businesses in adapting to a new global landscape of environmental constraint and innovation.

Sharing Resource Prosperity Programme

The Sharing Resource Prosperity (SRP) research initiative engages with the long-term challenges of development and resource extraction. The extractive industry (oil, gas, and mining), worth approximately $3.5 trillion globally, offers significant opportunities for economic growth, but does so within a context of pressure for environmental sustainability and human development. Sustainability and equity require that the management of extraction projects take into account environmental and social impacts and opportunities, alongside revenue.

Social investments are a complicated means of distributing resource wealth, and projects often fail to deliver on their social and environmental goals, provide a return, or provide robust metrics for evaluation. While direct environmental sustainability within extractive projects is improving, the broader impacts on societies that depend upon extraction for livelihoods and wider environmental resources (such as access to clean water) are poorly understood, weakly governed, and under-invested in.

Governments, communities, corporations, NGOs, and researchers around the world are working to address these challenges. SRP's interdisciplinary approach to research will contribute by blending science, policy, and enterprise proposing that measurable social investments are most effectively delivered through innovative investment in environmental sustainability.

For more information please visit www.sharingresourceprosperity.org