Research Projects

Environmental Management - Sharing Resources Prosperity combines approaches from science, policy, and enterprise by drawing upon Oxford expertise of environmental, corporate/financial, and development research to capture a unique and innovative collaboration. By focussing on cutting edge environmental science (in water, biodiversity, and energy) paired with innovative approaches to social investment and governance, the research seeks to:

  • Create global partnerships for leadership and innovation
  • Improve corporate governance and investment impacts
  • Develop long-term partnerships based on world-class science
  • Share and promote new governance approaches that accelerate and sustain social benefits

Global Impact

Global partnerships and a focus on practical outcomes within varying socio-political contexts provide a clearer understanding of sustainable growth to government and corporate stakeholders. The study of unique and diverse challenges in projects in Chile, Mongolia, India and Kenya have outcomes with global applications.

This work includes investigation into issues such as:

  • Corporate Foundations - governance and evaluation of social investments
  • Water Security - risks and responses for growth and development
  • Environmental Economics - innovative solutions to improve resource management
  • Ecological Valuation - global tool to remotely value landscapes and biodiversity
  • Resource Politics - the history and politics of extractive industries in Africa