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The Oxford Sustainable Law Programme (SLP), launched in 2021, is a rapidly-growing, world-leading hub for research, teaching, and engagement at the intersection of law and sustainability. We are impact-oriented thinkers who see the law as a tool to catalyse the sustainability transition. Our work is multidisciplinary and informed by practice.

The potential for proactive use of legal tools to address global sustainability challenges-including climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, and transitions in the energy and food sectors-remains largely untapped. The SLP aims to fill this gap by bringing the law to science, and science to the law. The SLP connects legal practitioners with academics from various disciplines to produce cutting-edge research that has immediate practical application. In this way, we help academics, policymakers, and practitioners around the world to advance sustainability outcomes.

The SLP is a joint initiative of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, the Faculty of Law, and the Environmental Change Institute, drawing on wide-ranging expertise across the University of Oxford. We focus on cutting-edge, multidisciplinary, and actionable research, impact-focussed education of current and future leaders, and multi-sectoral engagement that translates insight into impact.

Thom Wetzer, Associate Professor of Law and Finance, is the founding director of the programme. The management team is advised by leading academics across the University of Oxford and by the SLP's Global Advisory Board which includes global leading figures in public policy, industry, and academia.