• Doctor of Science of Law Candidate, Stanford University


Academic Profile

Arjuna Dibley is a JSD Candidate at Stanford Law School, a Graduate-Fellow at the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance and a Special Advisor at the Oxford University, Smith School for Enterprise and Environment.

An empirical legal researcher, Arjuna's research interests focus on how legal, financial and public policy design impact energy, climate and sustainability outcomes. He has particular interests in innovation, public finance and climate risk.

Prior to Stanford, Arjuna worked internationally as an attorney on climate change and energy law and policy. He continues to advise policymakers and business on these issues.

Arjuna has been widely recognized for his work, winning a General Sir John Monash Scholarship to complete his graduate studies at Stanford, and an award recognizing him as the best lawyer under 30 in Australia. He has undergraduate degrees in Asian and Pacific Studies and Law from the Australian National University.