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Systemic lawyering


Legal practitioners lack a shared knowledge-base of strategic priorities for sustainability-related legal interventions. We develop frameworks and approaches to encourage systemic change towards climate-friendly outcomes across the legal sector.

Our work

Practitioners and academics lack a broad framework to assess and compare the systemic outcomes of legal interventions in the climate sphere, for both actual and projected results. They rely on ad hoc approaches to assess to how legal intervention can address climate change-related issues. As a result, interventions may be less effective than they could be and it is difficult to share understanding of strategic priorities across the community of practice.

Our pilot data-driven and systemic approach will evaluate the impact of legal interventions. We refer to this approach as 'systemic lawyering', with the ultimate objective of triggering systemic change towards climate-friendly outcomes rather than measuring the outcome of a specific case or transaction. We will scale up the approach to establish multidisciplinary frameworks and evaluation tools, and apply these methods to a wider range of subjects beyond the pilot project on deforestation.