Water Security, Growth and Development

Improved understanding of water risks and institutional responses against competing growth and development goals is central to promoting growth with socially and environmentally-responsible outcomes. Growth often aligns where risks are high in emerging economies with nascent institutions, rapid population growth, unpredictable climates, chronic poverty and an infrastructural deficit. This thematic area develops and tests interdisciplinary tools and new frameworks that explicitly recognise the role enterprise can make in promoting responsible and socially-acceptable environmental and development change.

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REACH: Improving water security for the poor

DFID - 2015-21

REACH is a seven year, £15 million programme funded by the UK Department of International Development DFID to make 2.5-5 million poor people water secure by 2022.

Oxford University is leading a global science-practitioner partnership in Africa and South Asia advancing risk-based science and providing new approaches, models and technologies to improve water security for the poor. Dr Rob Hope and his Water Programme team at the Smith School are collaborating with a global network of partners and senior faculty in the Oxford Water Network.

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UPGRO Gro for GooD

Groundwater Risk Management for Growth and Development (Gro for GooD)

UPGRO-NERC - £1,900,000 - 2013-19

GRo for GooD was ranked first in an international funding competition, securing one of five consortium grants. The project will design, test, and transfer a novel, interdisciplinary and replicable Groundwater Risk Management Tool to balance economic growth, groundwater sustainability, and human development in Kenya. GRo for GooD will use the risk tool to respond to the complexity and urgency of groundwater governance challenges across Africa. The project is part of the UPGro research programme.

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