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The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment is a leading interdisciplinary academic hub focused upon teaching, research, and engagement with enterprise on climate change and long-term environmental sustainability.

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Stranded Coal-fired Power Assets in China: Risks for Investors and Implications for Policymakers Closed Door Workshop

28 February 2017, Fairmont Hotel, Beijing

SSEE, together with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and North China Electric Power University (NCEPU), are organising a workshop on stranded coal-fired power assets in China and what this means for investors, policymakers, and regulators. At the workshop new research from a University of Oxford-led project on stranded coal-fired power assets in China will be launched and discussed.

6th Stranded Assets Forum: From disclosure to data - towards a new consensus for the future of measuring environmental risk and opportunity

6 & 7 April 2017, Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury

This high-level forum will explore developments in the way that investors measure company and asset-level exposure to environmental risk and opportunity. New datasets, new analysis of existing data, and new approaches and methodologies (including advanced analytics, 'big data', and remote sensing) could all give financial institutions important information on the environmental performance of their investments.

Adrian Fernando Memorial Lecture

27 April 2017, School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford

In honouring Adrian Fernando, the goal of this lecture, made possible through the generosity of friends and supporters, is to foster discussion of the role of business and economics in solving the world's environmental challenges. This annual lecture commemorates the contribution of Adrian Fernando.

Enterprise and the Environment Summer School

9-21 July 2017 | University of Oxford

Designed for those interested in leading environmental change in business, NGOs or the government sector, the Summer School combines our strengths in environmental economics and policy, enterprise management, and financial markets and investment to study critical global environmental challenges in the 21st century.

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Enterprise and the Environment Summer School at the University of Oxford


Enterprise and the Environment Summer School at the University of Oxford

9-21 July 2017

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