Graduate Students

The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (SSEE) does not offer an independent graduate programme but senior SSEE academics are able to supervise students who are admitted to the Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) programme at the School of Geography and the Environment or other DPhil programmes around the University of Oxford. Prospective graduate students should apply through the School of Geography and the Environment's International Graduate School in the first instance.

Choosing a supervisor

DPhil students are required to identify primary and secondary supervisors. If you wish to work with a member of the SSEE you should contact them directly to discuss your proposed topic. The following SSEE staff are available as primary DPhil supervisors:

In addition, some members of the School of Geography and the Environment's academic staff have related interests and may co-supervise with SSEE staff if they are interested in the project and are not already oversubscribed in terms of supervision.

Current Doctoral (DPhil) Research Students

The international and interdisciplinary nature of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment's research is reflected in the range of postgraduate research topics our graduate students undertake:

Moritz Baer

Climate Risks and the Financial System - The role of climate-stress testing for central banks and financial regulators
Supervisor: Dr Ben Caldecott

Joris Bücker

Long term (economic) policy tools based on complexity economics and the non-linear planetary impact of climate change
Supervisor: Prof Doyne Farmer; Dr Matt Ives

Sophie Erfurth

Governing Common Pool Resources in Fragile Political Systems: Modelling Behaviour, Institutions and Social-Ecological Dynamics
Supervisor: Dr Dustin Garrick

Safa Fanaian

Rivers and cities: exploring their complex water-risk and its governance
Supervisor: Dr Dustin Garrick

Ella Fleming

Assessing the intersection of climate change and emerging conflict in the Sahel and East Africa
Supervisors: Dr Dustin Garrick; Dr Timothy Clack (Archaeology);

Gina Gilson

Governing informal water markets in Eastern Africa
Supervisor: Dr Dustin Garrick

Jimmy Jia

A new tool for energy and environmental valuation to improve decision making for capital deployment of climate-resilient infrastructure
Supervisors: Dr Ben Caldecott; Dr Nicola Ranger; Dr Abrar Chaudhury

Nameerah Khan

Bangladesh's arsenic crisis: Navigating the complexities of the science-policy interface of water quality and health
Supervisors: Prof Katrina Charles; Dr Sonia Hoque

Rebecca Peters

Bringing back Golden Bangladesh: Regulation, institutions, and the political economy of river pollution
Supervisor: Prof Rob Hope

Stephanie Walton

Stranded assets in the transition to sustainable and healthy food systems: Risks and implications for the cattle and beef sector in the USA
Supervisor: Dr. Ben Caldecott

Charles Wight

Scarcity and Scale: Designing Water Markets for People and the Environment
Supervisor: Dr Dustin Garrick

Johannes Wagner

Research project on Rural Water Finance in Africa, with fieldwork in rural Mali and in cooperation with UDUMA.
Supervisor: Prof Rob Hope