Forthcoming Events

CSFI Sustainable Finance for Breakfast: A round-table meeting on developments in the sustainable finance space

22nd November 2017, 8:30-10:00am | Burges Salmon, 6 New St Square, London EC4A 3BF

What progress can we hope for towards the Sustainable Development Goals in 2018? And what announcements can we expect to hear between now and Christmas?

Six weeks have passed since our last SF4B, and since then the Annual Meetings in Washington have been and gone, the Bonn climate conference has got underway, and HSBC has found $100bn to commit towards climate goals. As usual, Ben Caldecott, Director of the Sustainable Finance Programme at Oxford University's Smith School, will walk us through what has been going on, and what he sees as the main things to watch for over the next few months.

As usual, also, this is really an opportunity to share: knowledge about sustainable finance is not a zero-sum game. The more we all know, the better placed we all are.

Joining Ben, we are pleased to welcome Adam Matthews, co-chair of the Transition Pathway Initiative, head of engagement for the Church Commissioners and the Church of England Pensions Board and secretary of the Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG).

If you would like to join us, please email or phoning the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (0207 621 1056).

Green Solutions: Science, Technology and Finance

27th November 2017, 1615 | London

Hosted by FTSE Russell, the invite-only session, 'Green Solutions: Science, Technology and Finance', features talks about investing in a green economy from guest speakers, including Dr Ben Caldecott, Director of the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme, who will talk on 'Fintech and climate change'. The session ends with a panel discussion and Q&A, followed by a drinks reception.

Invitation only

Symposia on Directors' Liability for Climate Change Damages

Johannesburg, 16 January 2018 | Cape Town, 18 January 2018

The Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative (CCLI) is organising two high-level symposia in South Africa on the legal exposures of company directors to climate change-related damages.

The first symposium will be held at The Westcliff Hotel in Johannesburg on Tuesday 16th January 2018. The second symposium will be held at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town on Thursday 18th January 2018. Each symposium will facilitate a cross-institutional and cross-jurisdictional exchange of legal thought leadership on director liability risks relevant to plaintiff and defence lawyers, regulators, investors, accountants, and insurers. Please apply to attend via

It is now clear that climate change presents material - if not unparalleled - economic risks and opportunities. The Bank of England Prudential Regulation Authority and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, together with others, have recently warned of the potential liability exposure of company directors for i) their company's contribution to anthropogenic climate change, ii) a failure to adequately manage the risks associated with climate change, and iii) inaccurate disclosure or reporting of these factors. These emerging exposures have implications for corporate governance in climate-risk exposed industries (from financial services to mining, infrastructure, agriculture, and beyond), and for the insurance sector (in terms of professional indemnity and directors' and officers' insurance). Despite these risks, there remains little in-depth analysis of how prevailing corporate governance laws and fiduciary duties facilitate - or constrain - the actions of company directors confronted with complex climate change challenges.

Detailed programmes for each symposium will be available later in the year.

Please also see our event archive for past events.