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Customised Executive Education

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We design our bespoke executive education programmes to equip leaders from business, NGOs, the public sector and government with the skills to transform their organisation’s approach to sustainability. Each course is thoughtfully constructed to respond to the particular challenges your organisation faces.

Sustainability and the environment for business, NGOs, the public sector and government

At the Smith School, we are firm believers in the University of Oxford’s aim to lead the world in research and education, in ways which benefit society on a national and a global scale. We help to achieve this aim through providing executive education at the connection between enterprise and the environment.

Taking responsibility for the impacts of our actions on the environment is no longer a choice, but has to be a central pillar of strategy and action within organisations. Through our custom executive education programmes, we equip senior leaders and motivated staff with the shared understanding, skillset, confidence and language needed to build sustainable enterprise.


Our bespoke programmes have helped to shape global organisations and teams as they take action to improve the sustainability of their organisation. Each course is built on our expertise in broad range of themes, including:

  • Water
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Climate change
  • Environmental economics
  • Resource prosperity
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Natural capital
  • Energy futures
  • Sustainable finance
  • Environmental governance and leadership. 

A course can draw on a cluster of themes to create a wide-ranging programme, for example, to generate a culture of sustainability across an organisation, or to align a business with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Alternatively, a programme can explore a particular element of a theme in depth, for example, for the water theme our expertise covers specific aspects such as security, safety, value, digitisation, policy, investments, technology, financing, risk or sustainability.

Oxford ecosystem

We are able to draw upon expertise from across the University, in particular from our colleagues at Saïd Business School, Environmental Change Institute, Transport Studies Unit and Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET), as well as the wealth of resources and history the wider University has to offer.

Course details

At the Smith School we bring together the best of academic knowledge and cutting-edge research to provide you with a complete programme. Our engagement with each client begins with in-depth consultation, research and review to untangle the threads of your specific learning and development objectives and challenges.

Our programmes include a mixture of pedagogy – from chalk and talk, tutorials, case studies, peer learning, capstone projects and online simulations to experience-based learning. We will establish the most appropriate approaches to match your needs, the content and the audience.

Client relationships

A bespoke course can take any form according to your organisation’s needs, from a single event to a longer-term collaboration. We can help to evolve a programme into a continued partnership through, for example, integrated research projects, executive coaching, seminars to larger audiences, student placements, and round-table discussions with industry professionals.

Go global…

Our international footprint allows us to deliver complex programmes internationally as well as in our home city.

In brief


Contact us to learn more about a partnership with Oxford and the Smith School: