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Decisions made this decade will determine the future of our planet – to stop the climate crisis, we must shift global economic and financial systems towards sustainability. This transition must happen quickly, but it must not leave anyone behind.

Through solutions-focused research, and by bringing enterprise into the conversation, we can help build this cleaner, fairer and more prosperous future.

Our research

Our ground-breaking fundamental research drives real-world change, working with partners in public and private activity, business, markets and government.

The SSEE is home to the Oxford Sustainable Law Programme and Oxford Sustainable Finance Group.



Zero-emissions shipping

Alternative fuels for shipping are not yet competitive with fossil fuels, and face a range of barriers to entry. Our analysis looks at the feasibility of applying a policy instrument known as a ‘contract-for-difference’ (CfD). We explore the application of this policy instrument to the decarbonisation of shipping, unpacking the important design and implementation decisions with feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.


Oxford group launches sectoral ESG data quality initiative


The Oxford Sustainable Finance Group (OxSFG) recently launched an independent assessment of data quality within sustainable finance, dubbed the Sectoral Data Quality and Integrity Project. OxSFG believe that providing clear sector-specific guidance on data quality and characteristics will help improve and align the datasets that underpin different reporting and analytical frameworks.