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Decisions made this decade will determine the future of our planet – to stop the climate crisis, we must shift global economic and financial systems towards sustainability. This transition must happen quickly, but it must not leave anyone behind.

Through solutions-focused research, and by bringing enterprise into the conversation, we can help build this cleaner, fairer and more prosperous future.

Our research

Our ground-breaking fundamental research drives real-world change, working with partners in public and private activity, business, markets and government.

The SSEE is home to the Oxford Sustainable Law Programme and Oxford Sustainable Finance Group.



Zero-emissions shipping

Alternative fuels for shipping are not yet competitive with fossil fuels, and face a range of barriers to entry. Our analysis looks at the feasibility of applying a policy instrument known as a ‘contract-for-difference’ (CfD). We explore the application of this policy instrument to the decarbonisation of shipping, unpacking the important design and implementation decisions with feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.


Switching to renewable energy could save trillions

The BBC reports on a new Oxford study that finds switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy could save the world as much as $12tn (£10.2tn) by 2050. The report said it was wrong and pessimistic to claim that moving quickly towards cleaner energy sources was expensive. "Our latest research shows scaling-up key green technologies will continue to drive their costs down, and the faster we go, the more we will save," said Dr Rupert Way, the report's lead author from the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.


Get ready for a global clean energy surge, thanks to the US Inflation Reduction Act

Brian O'Callaghan 

The US’s new inflation-busting bill, with $369bn for clean energy, is the largest US investment in climate ever. It is also, according to our research, the largest national climate investment in history anywhere. Let that sink in for a moment.

This funding will certainly speed renewable energy deployment and green job creation in the US. However, the bill’s investments are so large that they are likely to influence global prices too, and impact the energy transition in other countries in real, tangible ways.