Our approach combines academic excellence with a deep understanding of real-world impact

Decisions made this decade will determine the future of our planet – to stop the climate crisis, we must shift global economic and financial systems towards sustainability. This transition must happen quickly, but it must not leave anyone behind.

Through solutions-focused research, and by bringing enterprise into the conversation, we can help build this cleaner, fairer and more prosperous future.

Our research

Our ground-breaking fundamental research drives real-world change, working with partners in public and private activity, business, markets and government.

The SSEE is home to the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group and Oxford Sustainable Law Programme.



World Forum on Enterprise & the Environment

Disruption. Collaboration. Action.

The World Forum is Oxford Universityís annual high-level, high-impact flagship event on enterprise and the environment. 

The latest World Forum took place on 22 September 2022. In this critical year, the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment brought together world leaders in policy, business and academia to embrace bold ideas, identify priority solutions to get their firms, industries and countries to net zero and investigate how real progress can be made. 


How an Early Oil Industry Study Became Key in Climate Lawsuits

Ben Franta, senior climate litigation research fellow at the Oxford Smith School, comments on how the precedents set by previous litigations over tobacco, opioids, and asbestos could play a role in upcoming climate cases. "They are good examples that the legal system can take on big societal harms that the other branches of government frankly are just not addressing,” he said.