Aligning finance with sustainability to tackle global environmental and social challenges

Both financial institutions and the broader financial system must manage the risks and capture the opportunities of the transition to global environmental sustainability. The University of Oxford has world-leading researchers and research capabilities relevant to understanding these challenges and opportunities.

Established in 2012, the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group is the focal point for these activities. The Group is multi-disciplinary and works globally across asset classes, finance professions, and with different parts of the financial system. We are the largest such centre globally and are working to be the world's best place for research and teaching on sustainable finance and investment.

Oxford Sustainable Finance Group

Video transcript

We need to make sure that all financial decision making takes account of the environment and of sustainability. And this needs to happen very, very quickly. The Oxford Sustainable Finance Group is a world-leading centre focused on aligning finance with global environmental sustainability. We work very closely with stakeholders across the financial system - banks, asset managers asset owners, insurers, supervisors, central banks, to help them to talk about these problems and co-create solutions and integrate climate change into financial decision making around the world.

We achieve our mission through pioneering research, through teaching and also through engagement, training the next generation of PhD students, to undergraduates, to very senior executives. If we're going to green the global financial system, we need the best people to have the knowledge, to have the networks, to be able to influence.

The community is growing. It's one of the largest concentrations of researchers working on sustainable finance anywhere in the world. We work to create the future of sustainable finance.


UK Plans to Label Gas as a Green Investment to Replace Coal

The UK plans to allow some natural gas projects to be labeled as sustainable in its green investment rulebook due to be published later this year.

“Natural gas is not ‘green’ and its inclusion in the EU green taxonomy has completely discredited it,” said Dr Ben Caldecott. “We can have a robust, science-based green taxonomy that is adopted worldwide because it is trusted by the market, thereby supporting UK leadership in green finance, or we can end up with something that is irrelevant..."