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Oxford Climate Emergency Programme

In brief

Start date14 February 2024
Time commitment6 modules over 6 weeks
7 to 10 hours per week


Our climate emergency programme is aimed at senior executives who recognise their business needs to change in response to the impacts of climate change. Combining expertise from the Smith School and Saïd Business School, the online course provides guidance to help you drive action and transform your business.

Delivered in partnership with online learning provider, GetSmarter, you will be part of a community learning together through a dedicated Online Campus.

The programme will equip you with:

  • An understanding of the climate emergency and its future implications, from a systemic, organisational, and individual perspective.
  • The skills to transform your business and gain an advantage through the use of alternative economic frameworks and business model innovation.
  • Tools for driving collective action and collaboration to effectively address the climate emergency.
  • A 100-day plan that ignites urgent, meaningful change in your organisation to achieve climate goals.

Course details

  • Orientation module: Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1: Tackle the problem: The climate emergency
  • Module 2: Experience the future: Climate risks and opportunities
  • Module 3: Reimagine the future: Frameworks for a new economic system
  • Module 4: Address the emergency: Business model innovation
  • Module 5: Drive collective action: Collaboration
  • Module 6: Shape the future: Plan for climate action

Teaching team

The programme is led by Charmian Love, Social Entrepreneur in Residence and Co-Founder of B Lab UK. Charmian is joined by Aoife Brophy, an expert in understanding what systemic environmental challenges such as the climate crisis, and associated system transitions, mean for business. She holds a joint appointment between the Smith School and Saïd Business School.

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Course leaders

True leaders emerge in times of crisis. Navigating the climate emergency and taking meaningful action to address it will require courage, creativity, compassion, and a deep commitment to act.

Charmian Love, Programme Director
We need leaders in all sectors, in all Industries, in all organisations who are ready to be courageous in shaping the future.

Aoife Brophy, Academic Director

In brief

Start date14 February 2024
Time commitment6 modules over 6 weeks
7 to 10 hours per week