22 November 2022

Kindness & leadership: Smith School’s Anita Bharucha recognised in U.K. list

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Anita Bharucha, Chief Operating Officer at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, has been recognised in Kindness & Leadership’s list of 50 leading lights.

Kindness & Leadership is a campaign by Women of the Future, an organisation that promotes a culture of kindness and collaboration among leaders, led by author Pinky Lilani CBE.

The campaign stated: “Anita blends empathy, respect (valuing and empowering the whole person in their own right) and generosity of time with fairness and consistency of kindness (to all, at all times). Due to her humility, perception, and self-awareness, each of her decisions and actions are intentional, by choice, and never reactive. She has fostered tremendous connectivity and collaboration, fostering a sharp and proud sense of inclusion and belonging in what is a unique, lively, and thriving organisation.” 

“I’m honoured to have been recognised by this campaign,” said Anita. “The pandemic underlined the importance of kindness in leadership and in our daily lives. At the Smith School we strive to embed it in everything we do.”

Professor Cameron Hepburn, Director of the Oxford Smith School, commented:

Anita’s kind, purposeful leadership in the School has been transformative. Her recognition in this list is richly deserved.