Alok Singh

Research Associate in Machine Learning, Oxford Sustainable Finance Group


Alok is a research associate in Machine Learning and Data Science at the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group. He completed his PhD in 2022 from the National Institute of Technology Silchar, India, during PhD focused on bridging a gap between computer vision and natural language processing. He worked on designing models which can understand the visual scene (image or video) and describing them in natural language (specifically Hindi and English). Before this, he received a master’s degree in computer science and engineering from NIT Silchar, India, in 2019. He invested valuable time during his master’s by working on Shot Boundary Detection. His research interests lie in natural language processing, multimodal machine learning, video captioning and temporal boundary detection. He is interested in enabling machines to learn from multiple modalities of data like text, audio, video, and semantics, as humans naturally do.


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