Dr Benjamin Franta

Senior Research Fellow in Climate Litigation


Dr Benjamin Franta is a Senior Research Fellow in Climate Litigation at the Oxford Sustainable Law Programme. 

His work focuses on applying rigorous research methods to practical challenges presented by climate change litigation around the world. His work has been published in numerous venues including Nature Climate ChangeGlobal Environmental ChangeThe Guardian, and American Bar Association Trends, has been cited in the U.S. Congressional Record, and translated into 10 languages. 

Dr Franta holds a PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University, a JD from Stanford Law School, an MSc in Archaeological Science from the University of Oxford, a BA in Physics and Mathematics from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and is completing a separate PhD in History from Stanford University. He is a licensed attorney and a member of the State Bar of California.

Publications, legal briefs, and media appearances:

  • Black Gold, Paramount+ (featured, May 17, 2022).
  • The Power of Big Oil, PBS Frontline (featured, April 19, 2022).
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  • State of Delaware v. BP America Inc., et al., No. 22-1096 (3rd Circuit), Brief of Amici Curiae Robert Brulle, Center for Climate Integrity, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Justin Farrell, Benjamin Franta, Stephan Lewandowsky, Naomi Oreskes, Geoffrey Supran, and the Union of Concerned Scientists in Support of Plaintiff-Appellee and Affirmance. Filed April 21, 2022.
  • The Other Merchants of Doubt: Big Oil’s Economists, London School of Economics Business Review (Sept. 16, 2021).
  • Benjamin Franta, Christophe Bonneuil, Pierre-Louis Choquet (co-first authors), 2021, Early Warnings and Emerging Accountability: Total’s Responses to Global Warming, 1971–2021, Global Environmental Change (#1 trending geography article worldwide over prior year).
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