Dr Sugandha Srivastav

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr Sugandha Srivastav is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow and lecturer in Environmental Economics at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. 

Her research focuses on designing effective climate policy in low and middle-income countries. She also explores incentives for clean innovation & finance, and the political economy of energy transitions. 

Sugandha is an affiliate of the Economics Department, an Early Career Research Fellow at Saïd Business School and a researcher for the Climate Compatible Growth Programme, where she leads the workstream on Economic Policy in low- and middle-income countries. Sugandha was awarded the Distinguished CESifo affiliate award for her work on bringing early-stage green technologies to market. 

Sugandha has worked as an environmental and energy economist at Vivid Economics and ICRIER advising governments, private firms, and international organisations on a broad range of issues related to climate, energy, innovation, and natural resource management. She holds a DPhil in Environmental Economics from Oxford, and an MSc in Economics from LSE.

Current Research

Sugandha’s research interests include the:

  • economics of clean innovation
  • environmental & energy economics
  • public economics
  • political economy of energy transitions

For details on working papers, visit Sugandha's website



Sugandha is the module co-lead for Environmental Economics in the MSc. in Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment. Sugandha is also a college tutor at St. Antony's College.