Juliana Vélez Echeverri

Research Associate in Climate Greenwashing Litigation


Dr Juliana Vélez Echeverri is a Research Associate in Climate Greenwashing Litigation at the Oxford Sustainable Law Programme. She holds a PhD in Law from the University of Reading. Her research focuses on examining the opportunities and limitations of greenwashing litigation. Using interdisciplinary research, Juliana’s work aims to contribute to the development of a systematic understanding of greenwashing narratives in advertisement campaigns to inform climate litigation research.

Juliana has extensive experience in climate litigation research and practice, as well as investigative journalism. In 2014, Juliana co-founded the Latin-American Centre of Environmental Law (CELEAM). As a CELEAM researcher, she co-designed and coordinated the first research project on climate displacement based on litigation practices in Colombia. Juliana collaborated in bringing the world’s first post-disaster climate displacement case against a government to review by a High Court (Huffington vs Presidencia de la República y otros). She has worked as a campaigner and research consultant for investigative journalism organisations including Global Witness and ARIA.

Juliana holds a Postgraduate Specialisation in Environmental Law from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, and an Undergraduate Degree in Law from the Universidad de Medellín, Colombia.