Photo: Jeff Waweru

100 million initiative


The 100 Million (100M) Initiative will enable funding for safe water services provision for 100 million rural people in low- and middle-income countries by 2030.

The climate crisis and global pandemic have accelerated the urgency of providing safe drinking water services around the world. Global progress to safe drinking water is off-track with uncertain and limited data on the extent and performance of rural water service providers to inform policy and investment decisions.

Our work

Results-based funds is an emerging approach to improve and sustain the daily delivery of safe and reliable drinking water. Results-based funding aims to improve the allocation of risks to link financial rewards to desired performance outcomes. It is an approach that is associated with global trends to decentralise the roles of government, to promote competition in the delivery of public services and to use incentives backed by information for performance contracts.

In partnership with governments and social enterprises, we are working to design, test and scale-up results-based funding to provide safe drinking water to 100 million people by 2030.