Can We Solve Climate Change by Suing Polluters?

"Climate litigation is not just growing — it’s snowballing," writes The Daily Upside. However, international courts have been slow to catch up. Dr Ben Franta of the Oxford Sustainable Law Programme comments:  “It’s a well-known challenge [with] international courts: Because they don’t have independent police power, they must persuade member states to comply with their orders.”


Calls for international criminal court to end ‘impunity’ for environmental crimes

Lawyers and scientists including leading academics from the Oxford Sustainable Law Programme called for the International Criminal Court to actively engage in addressing environmental degradation and destruction. They noted that human activities leading to severe environmental harm often violate human rights, and so could be treated in the same as way as crimes such as genocide or crimes against humanity.


ECGI Blog Review Vol. 3: Governance & Climate Change

Thom Wetzer, Associate Professor of Law and Finance and Director of the Oxford Sustainable Law Programme, guest edited the European Corporate Governance Institute’s latest Blog Review. Titled “Governance & Climate Change,” the Review explores the “pivotal questions that boardrooms across the globe will have to address in the years ahead.” 

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