Project list


RISE: Renewable, innovative and scalable electrification

The interdisciplinary RISE project focused on designing integrated, practical and transferable strategies for the local SME renewable energy sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our work centred on two contrasting national case studies, in Uganda and Zambia.


    Regeneration lab

    The Oxford Regeneration Lab is a collaborative programme of research and business engagement to build the knowledge and practices necessary for a regenerative economy.


    Future of cooling

    The Future of Cooling programme focuses on understanding and shaping sustainable cooling solutions, prioritising passive and less energy-intensive technologies to protect people and prepare countries for extreme heat events.


    Sustainable future of commodities & infrastructure

    Our programme on the sustainable future of commodities & infrastructure (OxSFOCI) supports the transition of capital-intensive industries such as mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and construction to environmentally sustainable production.


    Alternative proteins

    Our work supports the switch from meat and dairy to alternative sources of protein, so reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the food system.


    Net Zero Law and Governance

    The transition to a sustainable future requires a vast shift in social, economic, and legal systems. Our work on net-zero compliant legal architectures identifies and develops interventions and structures that enable and accelerate the transition.