Project list


Sustainable future of commodities & infrastructure

Our programme on the sustainable future of commodities & infrastructure (OxSFOCI) supports the transition of capital-intensive industries such as mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and construction to environmentally sustainable production.


Alternative proteins

Our work supports the switch from meat and dairy to alternative sources of protein, so reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the food system.


Net Zero Law and Governance

The transition to a sustainable future requires a vast shift in social, economic, and legal systems. Our work on net-zero compliant legal architectures identifies and develops interventions and structures that enable and accelerate the transition.


Sustainable Finance and Business

The transition to more sustainable economic activity requires a capital re-allocation of trillions of dollars. To make that happen, businesses and investors must account for climate risk and outcomes in their governance and decision-making.


Climate Litigation Lab

Legal practitioners lack a shared knowledge-base of strategic priorities for sustainability-related legal interventions. We develop frameworks and approaches to encourage systemic change towards climate-friendly outcomes across the legal sector.


Climate Science and Law

Our research on science and the law establishes the important role of a solid and up-to-date evidence base for litigation and produces innovative, legally relevant research findings.